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Where to escape from the heat and relax in an outdoor pool, bypassing crowds? Of course, out of town. The ten best suburban complexes near Kiev with outdoor pools - in our selection.

Sobi Club - summer residence

Sobi Club

Khotyanivka, Kyiv region

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A kilometer from the Kiev hydroelectric station hides the paradise Sobi Club. Her location is really perfect: a pine forest, the Dnieper coast, its own sandy beach and 25 hectares of relaxation and comfort. The Sobi Club has everything to relax and improve.

But back to the water procedures. This suburban complex offers several varieties of pools. The first is 50x15 meters in size, 1.45 meters deep and with a water temperature of 25-28C. The second, with a hydromassage and a waterfall, begins in the SPA zone, and then extends into the street. You can choose where to swim, yourself. The size of the unusual pool is 25 meters, the depth is about 1.5 meters, and the temperature is 24-27C. Two more excellent outdoor pools at Sobi Club: children's (45 cm deep) and summer (18 meters long and 1.3-1.55 meters deep).

Address: Vyshgorodsky district, 1000 meters from the Kiev hydroelectric station towards the village of Khotyanovka.
Cost: adults - 500/550 UAH, children - 300-350 UAH. Swimming pool with hydromassage for adults - 650-800 UAH.

Queen Country Club - black pool and pink flamingos

Queen Country Club

55 Obukhov highway, Kozin, Kiev region

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The real resort 20 kilometers from the capital along the Obukhov highway is the Queen Country Club suburban complex. Usually people come here for water procedures, because there is a 25-meter black pool with illumination in the evening, which has a jacuzzi and a unique pool bar, which is the only one in the capital. Therefore, the scenario of an ideal vacation in Queen Country Club is as follows: first a cool cocktail and sunbathing on a sun lounger, and then the pleasure of swimming.

By the way, the company in the pool will make you the cutest and most fashionable jewelry for a selfie: huge pink flamingos and Pegasus.

Address: village of Kozin, Obukhov highway, 55.
Cost: chaise lounge - 500 UAH, bed - 1000 UAH, bungalow - 1500 UAH.

WISH AQUA & SPA RESORT - for both pros and beginners

WISH Aqua & Spa Resort

Naberezhna Street, 47, Vyshenky, Kyiv Region

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This place for a complete reboot is located in the village of Cherry in the cottage complex "Cherry Town" near the picturesque lakes.

Among the four open-air club pools, there is one: a two-zone summer outdoor pool for beginners and experienced swimmers. Next to it you will find gazebos and tables under a canopy, where you can relax, chat with friends or have a snack.

Address: Vyshenki village, 29 Naberezhnaya street.
Specify cost by phone +38 (044) 58-58-777.
Selfish Club - restoring strength in the arms of nature

Selfish Club

Kiylov village, Naberezhnaya street, 21.

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Another recreation complex 55 kilometers from Kiev, where you can take a good break from city noise and deadlines, is surrounded by the picturesque nature of the Selfish Club in the village of Kiilov. They pay maximum attention to water recreation: after all, you can ride a boat, a kayak or an all-terrain vehicle in the club, go fishing, go on an excursion to the flooded church in Gusintsy and curb the SUP-board.

For a complete watercolor painting, they offer to soak up the sun on one of the most beautiful summer terraces and swim in the outdoor pool overlooking the Dnieper.

Address: Kiilov village, Naberezhnaya street, 21.
Cost: for adults - 1500 UAH, for children under 12 years - 1000 UAH.

Good Wood - Forest Relax

Good Wood

10 Plitli street, Kyiv

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The name of this place speaks for itself: a 10-minute drive along the Vyshgorod highway will give you a rest under the crowns of coniferous trees, surrounded by a picturesque landscape park.

Among aqua-entertainments: two magnificent pools (among them - a giant pool 26 meters long) and a safe swimming zone for the smallest. A bar with refreshments, gazebos and comfortable sun loungers are included.

Address: Vyshgorodsky district, Novoselki village, Plitily street, 10.
Cost: 300 UAH - on weekends, 200 UAH - on weekdays.

The recreation center "Forest" - "if the pine trees are kolishitsya for vіknom"

Base Lesnaya

Vyshgorodsky district, the village of Glebovka, the tract Zeleniy Bor, 7.

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Another area for recreation, which is hiding in the forest. At the same time, this base was located on the shores of the Kiev Sea. An ideal combo for a complete reboot with hours of walks and gatherings by the water.

Together with a jacuzzi, baths, restaurants and sports activities, the Lesnaya base is also ideal for a water holiday with the whole family. Indeed, in addition to the pool for adults, there is also a swimming area for the smallest.

Address: Vyshgorodsky district, Glebovka village, 7 Zeleniy Bor natural boundary.
Cost: 300 UAH.

Equides Club - not only the pool, but also horseback riding

Equides Club

Chapaeva Street, 36, Lisnyky village, Kyiv Region

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A country club for family leisure, which will especially please horse lovers, because it is an equestrian club. Picturesque hills of 16 hectares, walks, sports training and, of course, swimming in the pool and water activities - everyone will find something to their liking.

Address: Obukhov highway, Lesniki village, Vishnevaya street (Chapaeva), 36 (15 km from Khreshchatyk street).
Specify cost by phones +38 (044) 228 36 64, + 38 (050) 338 58 58.
Grand Admiral Resort & SPA - five-star reboot

Grand Admiral Resort & SPA

Warsaw street, Irpin

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