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With kids | Outdoor | Exhibition

Chrysanthemums on the Singing Field

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Sat 24 Oct 10:00-20:00
Concert | Books

Blues for the black cat: Katya Gapochka, poetry

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Sat 24 Oct 19:00-21:00

Kiev Kills: Freaky Halloween Party

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Fri 30 Oct 18:00-23:00
Concert | Comedy


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Fri 30 Oct 19:30-22:30
Concert | Romance

Dakh Daughters

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Sat 31 Oct 19:00-22:00

Andrey Makarevich YO5

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Sat 07 Nov 20:00-23:00

Kyivmaps is the best map of Kyiv

Do you know how many concerts, exhibitions and other interesting events take place throughout the world daily? And in Kyiv? Let's find it out together and even arrange the best weekend for you! The whole Kyiv’s poster is on one map now and the only thing that you should do is choose where to go.

What to visit in Kyiv?

There are enough questions, but every day we pose another one for us: what to visit in Kyiv?

It would seem that there should not be any problems with entertainment in the capital, but it turns out, it's not that easy to find something to your taste among gigabytes of information. In addition, sometimes you want not a banal trip to the cinema, but something unusual and fascinating.

On our website, all Kyiv ‘s events are searched by categories, according to your preferences. Whoever you are: a student, a young mother, a programmer, an extreme sports fan, a business woman, an athlete, or a deep and meaningful theater –goer - the capital will find something to amaze you with! Our aim is to tell you about all the events and show you those places in Kiev, where the most interesting things will happen!

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Did you get ahead of us and find out about a super-secret party or a quest? Or maybe t is you who organize them? We are always glad to cooperate with you, and offer you to add an event or location to our map. Then, everyone will know about them!

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