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The first quarantine relaxations allowed establishments to open their summer terraces. Kiev's rooftop terrace, a summer patio in a business center, a cozy courtyard terrace, a terrace with a waterfront view - we've gathered 10 summer venues that will provide you with true enjoyment when you visit.

1. Vero Vero — сafes in Podil with a terrace

The capital restaurant Vero Vero resumed its operation on May 15th. This establishment is well-known not only for its exquisite dishes and interior reminiscent of classic Italian trattorias but also for its spacious terrace with a fountain. The view from there is also stunning, overlooking the Illyinska Church.

We recommend trying Florentine steaks, homemade pasta, or risotto right here, while listening to the sound of water and savoring the atmosphere of Podil.

By the way, starting from May 15th, the summer terrace has opened not only at this restaurant but also at other establishments of the La Famiglia network: Vino e Cucina, Bigoli, "Kuvshin", Zafferano, Toscana Grill, and Piccolino.

  • Address: 18 Illinska Street.

Vero Vero

18 Street Ilyinska

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2. Tolstiy & Tonkiy — «green» terrace in Kiev, away from the city hustle and bustle

This well-known Kiev restaurant was also one of the first to open its summer terrace: «The moment has come: Tolstiy & Tonkiy's terrace is ready to welcome you, the guests who were sorely missed here. The team is full of inspiration and new ideas, we strictly adhere to all the necessary rules, and the atmosphere you've been longing for remains unchanged».

When we talk about «restaurants in the center», Tolstiy & Tonkiy immediately comes to mind. Despite its central location, its summer terrace is tucked away from the urban hustle and bustle. Located in a cozy courtyard on Prorizna Street, it's surrounded by an abundance of live plants. It's like a jungle just five minutes from Khreshchatyk, where it's very pleasant to relax with a glass of wine.

Address: 15 Prorizna Street.

Tolstiy & Tonkiy

15 Prorizna Street

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3. Coin — terrace with a view of the Motherland Monument

«On May 23rd, starting at 12:00, and in compliance with all recommendations from the Ministry of Health and sanitary standards, we are ready for our first meeting after the quarantine. The restaurant staff will do everything possible to make your stay in our restaurant as unforgettable and safe as possible». This joyful announcement delighted the city's residents from the team of the Kiev restaurant Coin.

This well-known restaurant with a picturesque terrace is located in the IQ business center. Its main feature is the fantastic view of the green hills of Kiev's Botanical Garden and the majestic Motherland Monument surrounded by greenery.

If you were looking for the best place to unwind with a glass of red wine, we highly recommend Coin.

Address: 13/15 Bolsunovska Street (3rd floor).

Coin Restaurant

13/15 Bolsunovska, 3rd floor

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4. River Grill — Kyiv terrace with a panoramic view of the Dnipro River

A restaurant whose summer terrace is perfect for romantic dates and cozy family gatherings. The reason: a fantastic view of the Dnipro River that you can endlessly admire.

What is a must-try here? Of course, dishes from the grill and dishes for a large company, such as meat and fish platters and seafood platters.

Address: 3A Rusanska Embankment.

River Grill

3а Rusanivskaya Embankment

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5. VANO IVANO Telbin — when dinner is right by the lake

The restaurant from the Georgian cuisine network, VANO IVANO, with the most beautiful terrace is, of course, VANO IVANO Telbin, with a view of the eponymous lake. Furthermore, the establishment offers cozy private gazebos right by the water.

The restaurant started its operation on May 12th, following all safety guidelines. In its menu, you will find traditional Georgian dishes, including satsivi, lobio, adjapsandali, chashushuli, khachapuri, and lula-kebab.

Address: 3-a Yuriya Shumskoho Street.


3a Yuri Shumsky street

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6. Villa Riviera — terrace with a view of the Dnipro Bay

This famous capital establishment opened the doors to its summer terrace on May 12th: «We've missed this moment for so long, but it's finally here! On May 12th, we welcome you to the Villa Riviera terrace. Plenty of fresh air, your favorite dishes, a wonderful atmosphere, and the best views».

If you want to indulge in wood-fired oven pizza on the Left Bank of the capital, then the family restaurant Villa Riviera is the place to go. Especially since the large terrace of this Italian cuisine establishment boasts picturesque surroundings and a view of the Dnipro Bay.

What should you try here besides pizza? Seafood: mussels in a cream-cheese sauce or Sicilian-style octopus.

Address: 14-d Dniprovska Embankment.

Villa Riviera

14D Dniprovska embankment

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7. Saperavi — terrace in Mariinsky Park

The Georgian restaurant Saperavi is located right in the legendary Mariinsky Park in the heart of the capital. You'll hardly find a more atmospheric place that captures the spirit of Kyiv.

The restaurant offers delicious dishes from various regions of Georgia, including meat cooked over an open flame, khachapuri, shashlik, and kubdari. You definitely won't leave without trying the wine, such as homemade wine from qvevri pitchers.

Address: 1-v Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street.


1B Mykhailo Grushevskogo street

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8. Mercato Italiano — feel like Gulliver

Another restaurant right in the heart of the city (on the 6th floor of the Gulliver Shopping Mall), whose name translates from Italian as «bazaar». One of its proud features is a terrace for 30 people, offering a wonderful view of the city.

Come here for breakfast, lunch, or a business lunch, and you'll have a wealth of impressions and enjoyment.

Address: 1-a Sportyvna Square.

Mercato Italiano

1 Sportivna Square

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9. Guramma Asia i Guramma Italiana — terrace with a view of the Lavra domes

You can already enjoy modern Asian and Italian dishes on the cozy summer terrace of Guramma Restaurants. From their terrace, which is semicircular, you'll undoubtedly have one of the best views of Kyiv: the city's hills, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the high-rises of the left bank, the lush greenery, and the lights of the big city.

Indulging in exquisite dishes of your favorite cuisine while simultaneously admiring such a stunning view – is it not the perfect combination?

Address: 1 Dniprovs'kyi Descent.


1 Dniprovsky Uzviz

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10. «Маяк» — terrace with river views

The restaurant on the left bank of the Dnipro River, where you can thoroughly enjoy the water's smoothness, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and the Motherland Monument, has also opened its doors to visitors.

The «Mayak» menu features signature hot dishes, cold and hot appetizers, soups, salads, desserts, and seafood dishes.

Address: 2 Dniprovska Embankment.

Restaurant "LIGHTHOUSE"

2 Dnieper embankment

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Just a reminder that we have created a series of materials dedicated to the adaptation of Kyiv establishments to quarantine conditions. We conducted interviews with the well-known Kyiv restaurateur Dmitry Borisov and recorded the highlights of the "Virus. Crisis. Restaurant" conference, where today's state of the restaurant industry was discussed.

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