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The idea of establishment of technical educational institution occurred to sugar mill workers of south-west regions. On 18th of January 1880 with the active support of the head of Kyiv exchange committee N. Hryakov it was decided to open the subscription for donation-raising. Raising money, guaranteed the contributions of Kyiv patrons and support from the Minister of Justice I. Witte who allowed to make a decision on 25th of November 1896 on private meeting in L.I. Brodskyi’s house to establish Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Under the voting of S.M. Solskogo (Kyiv mayor) and with the participation of local authorities representatives, South-west railroad administration, engineers and manufacturer The Protocol that “comprises actually first practical document in the history of higher technical education institution in the Kyiv city” was ratified. “The most accepted type of the new educational institution should de denoted as Polytechnic institute type, which consists of several departments of various specialties, as in polytechnic school of Zurich, Karlsruhe, Munich, Vienna, Hannover, Aachen, Dresden, Riga etc” was noted in this document.

The main building is the letter from the beginning of the last century. Special committee for solving organizational issues , headed by general-governor of South-west region count O.P. Ignatyev, was created by order of manufacture and trade department of Ministry of Finance. For the establishment of the institution were raised voluntary donations total cost of which was 1 000 374 karbovantsiv, while the cost of building and outfitting was 2 650 000 karbovantsiv. Among organizations and people, who donated money were: Kyiv city Duma – 300 000 karbovantsiv, Tereshenko and sons – 150 000 karbovantsiv, L. Brodskyi – 100 000 karbovantsiv, Kyiv land bank – 15 000 karbovantsiv, Krasiliv sugar factoy Company – 2 000 karbovantsiv, totally 139 companies, banks, factories, institutions, several people.


Review 5

Valery Tretyak

I can't leave this place since 2003. Knowledges, science, communications, everything your mind need is here.
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Oleksandr Serhiienko

The place that changed me a lot, gave me hopes and dreams. Gave me fun and hard time... Don't regret anything)
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Overall a great experience to go through and be part of. I've met some great people here. Almost all the teachers were of exquisite personalities and would not hesitate to sacrifice for the sake of knowledge and education. Facilities are obviously not in perfect shape but people in it make this place what it is.
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Tony Stark

Good fundamentals, and wide integration of near specialization in the field of automation. Great student's community, and sport camps like Globus and Maiak. By the way, convenient conditions of study are very depend from departments and faculties.
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Nikita Savchenko

The top one university in Ukraine. It is like a small city in kiev. Campus and dorms are placed together on one big territory. Visit this place if you want to dive into student's years. Walk along Polytechnichna street to feel it as best as possible.
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Next to National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


The Ukrainian Institute of Information Technologies in Education

35 m. 37, проспект Перемоги, Київ, Украина, 03056

(044) 406-81-07


The Scientific and Technical Library

98 m. Peremogy ave, 37, Kyiv

(044) 236-30-72

Concert Hall

The KPI House of Culture

110 m. 37, Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv

(044) 454-92-03


Institute of Physics and Technology of NTUU “KPI”

205 m. просп. Перемоги, 37, корпус 1, поверх 3, кім. 308-1, Пешеходная дорожка / велодорожка, Київ, Украина, 02000

(044) 236-70-98


KP State Polytechnic Museum

231 m. 37/6 Peremohy avenue, Kyiv

(044) 204-86-40


Monument to Dmitry Mendeleyev

246 m. проспект Перемоги, 37К4, Київ, Украина, 02000


Art Space "Tower"

260 m. 37 k1, Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv


National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

261 m. Building No. 1, 37, Peremohy Ave., Kyiv

(044) 236-79-89


Elena Teliga Memorial

269 m. Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000


Pam'yatnyk Shari

283 m. Politekhnichna St, 37, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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