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Good Wine at Mechnikov was recognized as the best European store with a unique design in the Food and Supermarket Design of the Year 2014 category in the opinion of the authoritative English edition of Retail Week.

The first in Ukraine specialized store of wine and spirits Good Wine opened in 2006 in Kiev on ul. Mechnikov, 9. The idea laid down by the founders of Good Wine, Dmitry Krymsky and Vladimir Shapovalov, was complex and ambitious. A large store in the city center with a grand range of drinks, direct import from the manufacturer, the price on the shelf as close as possible to the cost of the bottle in the producer's country. The dream came true, and in 2007, Good Wine became the largest store of this format, not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.

Today, Good Wine has two stores in Kiev. On a total area of ​​3200 m2, there are more than 4,000 types of alcohol products from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, New Zealand, Germany, USA, South Africa, Australia, Scotland, Israel, Hungary and Ukraine, mostly of its own imports.

Each store has a Good Food grocery department, offering an impressive range of cheeses, sausages and deli meats, unique specialty products from around the world, Ukrainian farm products, a large assortment of fresh fish and meat, as well as the largest selection of organic products.

Especially for the owners of private collections opened the "Room of great wines." In addition, 8000 wines can be delivered on request.

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Champagne Night

Thu 05 Dec 19:00-22:00

Review 5

Eugene Babich

Best choice of wine in Kyiv!
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Sergio Sergiyenko

Always best of everything here - especially produce. Parking, though, can be problematic, and some shmucks in expensive cars park on the sidewalk straight in front of the store entrance. Service may not always be client-oriented should you buy a bottle of wine that tastes like vinegar.
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Alexander Davidenko

A good place to get some beverages as well as groceries.
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Svyatoslav Komakha

The best location to chose wines, strong liqueurs and food it ll go with. Probably the best in Europe wine supermarket. Impecable and super useful service. Spend time with their sushi, 101 Wine Bar (drink any bottle from shelf) or Lucky restaurant. Highly recommend.
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Pavel Kourochka

Best place to buy wine in Kyiv :) Wine is usually cheaper here than in any other store, and there is a good selection of it, and no counterfeit was detected at all. Accompanying food (cheese, meat, bread, fruits) can be ordered also at higher prices than usually but of very good quality. Scotch selection is also very good. And, the staff here is very friendly and helpful. Good Wine team, thanks for your efforts and please keep high standards as it's currently!
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