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Every establishment in Kyiv has its unique story. Among them, bars, restaurants, and cafes founded by displaced persons occupy a special place. Here are 8 establishments whose owners started a new life in the capital and delight Kyiv residents with delicious food and drinks.

Café "Sereda" from the displaced persons from eastern Ukraine

"Sereda" is a family-owned confectionery business. It was opened by displaced persons from Eastern Ukraine who moved in 2014 (a couple from Donetsk and a pastry chef from Mariupol).

Previously located on Proreznaya Street, in 2022 it moved to Nizhniy Val. In the establishment, as before, they sell vegan cakes made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

"Plant-based food, especially desserts, should be tasty! Fresh date candies will remain in the past," say the owners.

The establishment also offers other vegan dishes, including borscht, sandwiches, danishes, onigiri, and croissants.

"Sereda" positions itself as a pet-friendly and bike-friendly establishment (has a bike parking lot, and if necessary, they can even provide a bicycle pump).

  • Prices: Libid Cake (vegan version of Kyiv cake) — 1064 UAH, Napoleon Cake — 884 UAH, borscht — 148 UAH, falafel sandwich with pesto — 178 UAH, sushi croissant (only on weekends) — 168 UAH, pumpkin danish — 128 UAH
  • Address: 39 Nizhniy Val Street


39 Nizhniy Val Street

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"Shawarma Center" ("Charcoal Shawarma") "With Mariupol in the heart"

In the network of establishments "Shawarma Center," they make charcoal shawarma. This technology is quite rare in Ukraine. Moreover, the grill on which the meat is roasted is an author's development.

The network was opened by Mariupol owners who decided to rebuild their business in Kyiv after they left their occupied hometown. The establishment's slogan is appropriate — "With Mariupol in the heart."

Currently, the network has managed not only to withstand the competition but also to open six establishments in Kyiv and one in Bucha.

  • Prices: "Signature Chicken" shawarma — 130 UAH, "Assorted Chicken" shawarma — 165 UAH, "Spicy Pork" shawarma — 160 UAH, "Signature Beef" shawarma — 140 UAH, falafel shawarma — 160 UAH, sweet potato fries — 120 UAH
  • Addresses: 4 Ronald Reagan Street; 23 Nizhniy Val Street; 66 Velyka Vasylkivska Street; 2A Dragomanova Street; 82/20B Zhilyanska Street; 7 Tsyttadelna Street; Bucha, 65 Levka Lukyanenka Street

Shawarma center

66 Velyka Vasylkivska St

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"Kharakternyky" Bar bar with Berdiansk flavor

The two-story "Kharakternyky" bar appeared in September 2022 in a historic building on Horodetsky Street, 4.

The establishment was opened by Berdiansk resident Ivan Karaulanov. His hookah bar remained under occupation, and he himself moved to Kyiv. Initially, Ivan worked in a bar for acquaintances, and then decided to open his own establishment.

Almost all the employees of the establishment (more than 15 people) are from Berdiansk.

The bar's menu includes signature cocktails, infusions, main courses, salads, and a vegetarian menu.

  • Prices: Rum Espresso Martini cocktail — 250 UAH, Praise The Sun cocktail — 230 UAH, baked eggplant with mushrooms and Parmesan — 210 UAH, potato pancakes with salmon and cream cheese — 260 UAH, potato with beef and mushrooms — 300 UAH, snail tartare — 240 UAH, potato pastries with bleu cheese sauce — 200 UAH
  • Address: 4 Horodetsky Street


4 Horodetskogo Street

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"Moko Pizza" from Mariupol displaced persons

On Troyeshchyna, there is a pizzeria "Moko Pizza" run by displaced persons from Mariupol. Its owners had two pizzerias in Mariupol and several establishments in other cities in the Donetsk region. Currently, only one pizzeria is operating in Pokrovsk, 40 kilometers from the active combat line.

In the Kyiv establishment, they prepare American pizza, pizza with salmon and teriyaki sauce, pear and Dor Blue cheese pizza, and many other types of this dish.

Moreover, "Moko Pizza" offers delivery.

  • Prices: "Four Cheese" pizza — 290 UAH, "Bavarian" pizza — 220 UAH, vegetarian pizza — 260 UAH, salmon and teriyaki sauce pizza — 390 UAH, "Mexican" pizza — 300 UAH, "Vegetarian" pizza — 300 UAH
  • Address: 14 Danykevycha Street

Moco pizza

14 Dankevycha St

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Kiit in search of a four-legged friend

The Kiit window café was founded by three friends together — Sergey from Irpen, Ivan from Borodyanka, and Darina from Nezhin. After traveling to Lviv, they pooled their savings and opened their first "window." Later, cafes appeared in Kyiv, on Esplanadna Street, 30.

The window sells coffee drinks, vegan galettes, and pies.

All the money earned, Sergey Stoyan directs to the search for his four-legged friend — a cat who got lost in Vorzel. To search in several cities at once, and then abroad, significant funds are needed.

  • Prices: onion pie — 30 UAH, chicken-pineapple pie — 35 UAH, cheese-spinach pie — 35 UAH
  • Address: 30 Esplanadna Street

Kiit Cafe

30 Esplanadna street

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Do you love leisurely mornings with walks to breakfasts with friends? Check out the list of 10 establishments with breakfasts in Kyiv.

"HA" with student square pizza

"HA" is a network of establishments founded in Kyiv by displaced persons from Kharkiv, Andrey and Katerina Hudimovi. The menu includes the signature square pizza "Kharkiv-style." Currently, three establishments of the network are already operating.

The menu also includes burgers, salads, and okroshka.

  • Prices: "Vegetarian" pizza — 164 UAH, "Signature Double" pizza — 218 UAH, "Meat" pizza — 172 UAH, pizza with chicken and pineapple — 236 UAH, okroshka — 86 UAH, "Crab" salad — 64 UAH
  • Addresses: 41 Sagaidachnogo Street; 12 Shota Rustaveli Street; 4 Rusanivska embankment; 6 Revutskogo Street

Ha pizzeria chain

41 Sahaidachnogo Street

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ThePuzoPub from Severodonetsk

Before the full-scale invasion of the RF, Dmitry and Evgeny opened The Puzo Pub in Severodonetsk. On February 24, the pub was closed, and the city began to be shelled by the Russians.

After eight months, Evgeny decided to open a new establishment in Kyiv with the same name, together with his wife Anastasia. It started operating in the Comfort Town residential complex on the Left Bank.

In the establishment, you can have a tasty meal, have breakfast, drink beer, and watch football with friends.

  • Prices: herring with onions and potatoes — 129 UAH, Ukrainian borscht — 179 UAH, pizza with salmon and cream cheese — 289 UAH, chocolate fondant — 189 UAH, Kölsch beer — 49 UAH (0.5 L)
  • Address: 4 Regeneratorna Street, building 14


4 Regeneratorna street, building 14

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"Nezalezhnist" coffee from Kherson

The "Nezalezhnist" cafe was opened by residents of Kherson, who lived under occupation for two months. Before the great war, they opened establishments in their hometown for 5 years.

Leaving the occupation to Kyiv, residents of Kherson opened a cafe in Darnytskyi district within a few weeks. It reminds them of their hometown and supports their fellow citizens.

"Nezalezhnist. Why such a name? Having lived in occupied Kherson for two months, we realized how important it is to be free and independent. By opening a cafe in Kyiv, we want everyone who comes to our cafe to feel freedom and peace, starting from the variety and choice of coffee to cozy gatherings on the summer patio," say the owners.

The "Nezalezhnist" cafe offers guests several types of coffee, cold drinks, and tasty desserts for every taste.

  • Address: 32/2 Budivelnykiv Street

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