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Second-hand stores and flea markets in Kyiv are places where you can find true fashion gems at more than affordable prices. From hangars on Lisova Street to the largest chains like Humana and Econom Class, the capital offers endless opportunities to search for quality used clothing and accessories. We've gathered second-hand stores and flea markets in Kyiv where you can shop cool and keep your wallet full.

Dozens of second-hand stores on Lisova

Street Near the "Lisova" metro station, including along the tracks and in separate hangars, there are over ten second-hand stores. Here, goods are sold both on the street directly on tables and in premises where items with price tags hang on hangers.

At Lisova Street, you can buy clothing, bedding, shoes, accessories, children's toys, home decor items, paintings, and other household items. Prices vary widely, depending on the day of the week and the condition of the items. There is clothing available for as low as 5, 10, and 20 hryvnias.

At the second-hand stores on Lisova Street, you can find items with holes in neglected condition. However, there is also nearly new clothing from fresh collections nearby.

  • Address: "Lisova" metro station (exit to "Darynok" and Art Factory Platforma)

Second-hand shops on Lisova

"Lisova" metro station (at the exit to "Darynok" and Artzavod Platforma)

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Baul hypermarket

Chain Baul hypermarkets are 6 stores covering an area of 6500 square meters with a wide selection of clothing, footwear, textiles, household goods, and exclusive items.

The assortment is updated every Saturday, and on other days, the store offers discounts from 10 to 80 percent. For convenience, "Baul" marks sections with price tags of corresponding colors.

One of the most popular stores in the chain is located near the "Akademmistechko" metro station. You can easily find it by searching "second hand Kyiv Akademmistechko" in your search engine. Prices there are usually slightly higher for goods.

  • Addresses: Akademika Yefremova Street, 2; Petra Hryhorenka Avenue, 32D; Obolonsky Avenue, 52; Arkhitektora Verbytskoho Street, 32; Yaroslava Ivashkevycha Street, 6/8A; Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue, 75/2.


52 Obolonsky ave.

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Econom Class second-hand

Chain Stores of this second-hand chain are located in almost every district of the capital. Here you can find clothing and footwear from well-known global brands, including Lacoste, Gucci, Stone Island, The North Face, Adidas, and Saucony. At the same time, many items in these second-hand stores are in unsatisfactory condition, especially on weekdays with the highest discounts.

Goods at Econom Class are sold by weight. The assortment includes women's, men's, and children's clothing, shoes, toys, books, jewelry, bedding, and other goods. The chain also has a small department with luxury items.

Recently, Econom Class started selling new clothing, household items, and household chemicals.

  • You can find store addresses on the website.


20 Obolonskyi Avenue

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Humana second-hand

Chain The Humana chain also has stores in every district of the capital. There, you can find a wide range of clothing for every taste and season. The first Humana opened in Kyiv in 2003.

Clothing in the stores is arranged by color, which helps customers quickly select items. Humana offers outerwear, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, loungewear, underwear, footwear, bedding, and headwear. There is also a separate department with luxury items.

Prices here change monthly - initially, there is a fixed price when the goods arrive. Over the next few weeks, it decreases. There is also a "Happy Half Hour" promotion in stores, during which you can purchase items at a discount.

  • You can find addresses of all stores on the website.


60 Beresteyskyi Avenue

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Obnova Euroshop second-hand

Chain The Obnova Euroshop chain is represented by three stores on the right and left banks of Kyiv. Mostly, stock items are sold here, but there is also a floor with second-hand items where you can buy used clothing.

The assortment of stores includes clothing, footwear, lingerie, bags, belts, and books.

Prices in the chain change weekly - there are days with the highest and lowest prices. Clothing is sold by weight. The cost of items decreases every day.

  • Addresses: Stepana Bandery Avenue, 6; Andriia Malishka Street, 3A; Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue, 43/2.


6 Stepan Bandera Avenue

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Tyuk second-hand

Chain The Tyuk second-hand chain appeared in 2016 and now has 5 stores in the capital. Here you can find many quality items, including clothing, accessories, bedding, footwear, soft toys, sleeping bags, and even wedding dresses.

The network not only sells used clothing but also gives it new life by cleaning and modifying it to make it more comfortable.

The price of items in the chain changes during the week. Tyuk also offers various promotional offers.

  • Addresses: Obolonsky Avenue, 52A; Sribnokilska Street, 5B; Hetmana Pavla Polubotka Street, 65; Lesi Kurbasa Street, 19A; Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue, 75/2.

TYUK network

75/2 Chervonoi Kalini Avenue


The Shmotka store is somewhat different from the typical second-hand store. All clothing here is sorted by color and size and hangs on racks. In addition to clothing from well-known brands, you can buy books and magazines in English here.

  • Address: Dorogozhytska Street, 13


13 Dorohozhytska street


Social Stores Kengurush is a large charitable social hub that helps low-income families, IDPs, and children's homes in Ukrainian villages with items. Every week, 2 to 5 tons of humanitarian aid are sent to those in need, which is sent by caring people.

Up to 10% of used clothing and toys remain in Kengurush social stores. These are shops where you can dress the whole family cheaply and with quality.

There are two social stores in Kyiv. They are located at Mir Avenue, 15A and Lobanovsky Avenue, 4Zh. The stores are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00. Monday is a day off.

Recently, Kengurush launched an online store. You can buy items there by following the link.

  • Addresses: Mir Avenue, 15A; Lobanovsky Avenue, 4Zh


15A Mira avenue

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Second-hand at Heroiv Dnipra

Market In this second-hand store, you will also find many stylish used items. The assortment includes sweaters, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, shoes, accessories, bedding, and more. Prices usually depend on the day of delivery.

  • Address: Heroiv Dnipra market

Second hand on Heroyiv Dnipra

market Heroyiv Dnipra

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