Moscow Bridge, Park "Friendship of Peoples"

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The combination of passive and active recreation is a feature of the place. The furnishings, service and menu offered are all so that once you visit Olo, you want to come more often and stay longer.

If you have not yet managed to visit the ocean coast, for example, in Portugal or Australia, and conquer your first wave, a real surf cafe with an appropriate atmosphere and interior works in Kiev.

“Olo” is a family-type café, it will be interesting for adults as a lot of extreme entertainment, tasty food and drinks, and for children - a living corner, animators, a children's area with active games.

Surf café Olo is not just a cafe. The name speaks for itself: how can you not imagine tanned youngsters on the surf, warm sand, cold branded cocktail “Olo” with transparent ice cubes, aromatic meat according to a special recipe and a light breeze blowing through the cozy terrace.

The cafe Olo has a lot of work and the soul of a friendly, permanent team. Each, even an insignificant, interior detail, zoning, arrangement of tables and a bar counter are thought out so that guests can get exactly what they looked at Olo for.

The big idea in the capacious name: a healthy lifestyle, sports and tasty healthy food, a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails and funny toddler on the branded playground.

Location and zoning places

“Olo” is located in the Park of Murom (formerly Friendship of Peoples), directly on the coast, so you can watch the wakeboarders passing by. Due to the abundance of greenery and water, the air here is clean and fresh even on the hottest summer days.

From the very threshold, you can quickly look around and decide where in Surf cafe Olo will be most comfortable. All cafes are divided into virtual zones with the help of furniture and light transparent curtains. The quay terrace with sofas attracts you with the opportunity to eat tasty food in a cozy atmosphere, look at the fascinating reflections of the water and wakeboard training. And from the upper terrace there is a wide view of the Park Muromets and Moskovsky Bridge.

The large central pavilion is convenient for guests with karapuz. A spacious and safe playground for children with a mini zoo will take babies for a long time and provide an opportunity to relax. The lounge area at the lower level of the cafe is symbolized by comfortable and stylish wicker chairs, exclusive tables.

Outdoor activities

“Olo” is a great place to hold various events, because here everything contributes to relaxation: spacious open terraces for up to 1000, music, a dance floor, and the opportunity to rent barbecues.

In the surf cafe you can not only sit with friends, but also have a noisy party: Birthday, corporate party, or celebrate a children's holiday.

Surfing philosophy is first of all enjoying life, unity with nature and health. Therefore, all the food and drinks in the cafe extremely useful for the body.

There is a large selection of salads made from fresh vegetables, seafood and various types of cheese. And there are even more soups on the menu: Ukrainian borsch, pea soup, chicken broth, gazpacho or mushroom cream soup - what to choose?

You can also order cold and hot snacks. Of the main dishes, pasta, different types of kebabs, sausages are very popular, and all this will perfectly complement the mix of steamed vegetables or aromatic potatoes in a selyansky style.

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Orest Zt

Место очень крутое. Пришли сюда, потому что в прошлом году круто отдохнули. Без претензий, но еда не альо. Посмеялись с Цезаря в котором был изюм) "Цезарь с изюминкой". Мне еда впринцыпи понравилась, жене не очень.
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