Sports and entertainment complex XPARK

About the place

We are an experienced sports team of young people! Not only do we ride cool and win prizes at the Championships of Ukraine in water sports, but we are also happy to popularize incredibly cool water sports such as Weyboarding, wakesurfing and jet-ski racing! With a favorite hobby, we have created a company in which we work with pleasure!

     We have professional boats, and jet skis on which we ride people and provide them with independent management skills! Our team is experienced and certified instructors who have the appropriate certificates and certificates! Among our team there are winners and champions of Ukraine in wakeboarding, wakesurfing and racing on jet skis.

     Thanks to our individual approach to each client, over the years of work, most of our clients have become part of our close-knit family, and together with us achieved so many tough results that they themselves represent our club at the all-Ukrainian level!

We undertake any difficulties, for us there are no borders! We will help to make all your fantasies and dreams come true!

In recent years, we have done and helped to make a lot of cool and large-scale projects, including:

Championships of Ukraine on wakeboarding and water surfing
Ensuring safety on the water during the competition RED BULL
Service of the extreme part of large corporate parties for 500 people
Shooting commercials and TV shows with the participation of our athletes and our equipment
Organizing aquatic, extreme show programs at big events!
Unforgettable romantic or extreme wedding ceremonies
     Our team has professional photos and videographers who help us make cool videos to popularize our activities and that will help you get unforgettable shots!

Review 7

Артём Кремсенко

Найкрутіші "роздовбаї " в Києві!!!
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Алексей Попов

Супер прокат! Пусть остальные учатся у них. Но уроки давайте очень дорого))) Серега - молодец! В этом году только к Вам)))
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Roni Mairon

Приезжали покататься на День Рождения, и не прогадали! Позитивнейший инструктор, прекрасные эмоции в процессе, вернёмся 100%) Большое спасибо!
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Сергей Шепелев

Все понравилось, отдохнули компанией просто супер! Понравилось все! Отношение инструктора, качественное обслуживание! И просто проведенное время!!!!
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Моя Лавка Самойлов

Невероятный клуб) Видно что люди этим живут. Заказывали маленький корпоратив. Кто неумел - быстро научили. Кто умел - полная свобода и никаких ограничений - бери и едь.
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Andriy Daniluk

Water scooter, yacht, wake-boarding - recommended!
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يوميات عابر سبيل

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