Park Muromets, Kiev

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Ping Pong in Kiev X-Park is a mini tennis or table tennis

X-Park is located in a wonderful and huge park area. Park Muromets (early Friendship of Peoples) has lovely natural landscapes that you can admire forever. Here you can relieve stress, reduce your psychological stress, take a rest physically from working life and just relax. In this you will contribute to a huge choice of entertainment in the midst of colorful landscapes. One of them can be ping pong - mega popular game all over the world.

One of the best places to have fun is the X-Park Table Tennis Club. Here you will be taught the basics of this sport and will give you the opportunity to have lots of fun. This game has conquered all countries, continents and the whole world. It is simple, does not require serious effort or years of training. It is played by both men and women, both adults and children. Here everyone is equal and everyone is in the same conditions, only your skill and desire to play is important.

Looking for where to play ping pong in Kiev? X-Park has all the conditions for this game.
X-Park has a specially equipped area with installed tables. There are also rackets and balls. The essence of this sport is to throw a special ball with the help of rackets over the net, which divides the table tennis table into two equal parts. The ball should not fall outside the playing field or fly into the net. There are a number of simple rules to follow.

Table tennis is also sometimes called ping-pong. In general, to win it you must successfully beat the ball with a racket, in time reacting to all the attacks of the enemy. The game itself takes place on a specially designed and created table. Its length and width parameters are 2.74 × 1.52 m. And its height is 76 cm. It is often made from solid materials, mainly chipboard or aluminum, but it can also be plastic.

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Only a hard table can provide satisfactory jumping of the ball. It is divided in half by a 15.2 cm high mesh. Rackets used by players are made of wood using multilayer technology, and a layer of special rubber covers the two sides. The ball is made of plastic and its diameter is 40 mm. at a mass of 2.7 g. The table is most often painted green and the ball white, although there are options with an orange color. Ping Pong in Kiev X-Park allows you to play at a professional level, here all the rules and regulations of the sport are maintained.

The game itself is designed for two players. Also in the competition can participate teams of two players on each side. Thus, you can participate in the entertainment in a pair with your friend. In all draws of the ball, victory goes to one of the opponents when receiving one point. The competition continues until someone has gained eleven points. Simply put, the whole match should consist of an odd number of games. If you get tired of mini tennis and want something new, then playing volleyball will help you spend your free time.

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