Mikhail Hrushevsky St., 6, Kyiv

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The oldest museum in Kyiv, opened in 1899, with the greatest collection of Ukrainian art from 12th century to nowadays.

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Nazar Lelyak

Very interesting place for art people. Some authors were very interesting. You can spend 1.5 hour here. Also, price is cheap. Only condition of building isn't good enough.
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Irina S

When you are in Kyiv, it is the one of the main place you have to visit to know more about culture life of Ukraine and if you are interested in Art, it will be the perfect place to see rear works of art.
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Adi Grynholc

Interesting Iconography and other works. Museum is under renovation but still, the only floor that is open, is worth a quick glance
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Next to National Art Museum of Ukraine



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