Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds, 5, Kyiv

About the place

We are a museum of freedom. We talk about the struggle for human rights and the independence of states. The building is planned on the alley of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred in Kiev. At the first stage, 2019, a memorial to the heroes should be opened. Meanwhile, exhibitions and educational activities are conducted on partner sites in Kyiv, Ukraine and the world.

Maidan Museum:
• Has 2.6 hectares in the center of the capital under the memorial and museum complex
• For the first time in Ukraine, based on the anonymous open international architectural competition
• For the first time in the Ukrainian museum history, the museum became the customer of design and construction
• Advise international museum experts
• Cover world professional editions and media - Der Spiegel, Deutsche Welle, New York Times, not to mention our relatives ;-)

The museum initiated public initiatives "Museum of the Maidan" and "Museum of Freedom". Enthusiasts even during the revolution began practical work on the creation of the Museum as a multifunctional museum complex. The participants of the initiative worked on the concept of the Museum, collected artifacts and testimonies, provided storage, research and promotion of objects, objects and places associated with the Revolution of Virtue. Now the National Heroes' Memorial Complex of the Heavenly Hundreds - the Museum of the Revolution of Virtue - is a museum research, cultural, educational and scientific-methodical state institution that belongs to the management of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. Legal address - Kiev, street. Lipskaya, 16.

Review 10

Margarita Nahratian

Хорошо, что это место есть. Это страница новейшей истории не должна быть забыта.
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Aleks Chep

Україна понад усе
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Oleksiy Syvak

Унікальний меморіальний комплекс про тих, хто був на перших барикадах Революції гідності. Безкоштовне відвідування, можливість замовити екскурсію на певний час
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Северин Наливайко

Якщо вдасться все відповідно до проекту, заклад буде чудовий.
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Maxim Kozorog

Они достойны того, чтоб мы их помнили...
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Валерия Кононенко

Отличное место!
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Denis Dolgov

заклдованное место
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Client Brain

Всё вопросы очень интересны
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Serhii Ivanovich

Місце пам‘яті та скорботи...
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Андрей Снижок

Меморіальний комплекс в процесі створення.
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