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When the parents are faced with the question: "where to send the child for his physical and aesthetic development?" often you have to choose between many circles and sections, try to combine the schedules.
Ballet classes are a rare chance to combine aesthetic and physical education of a child. You can start practicing ballet at the La Prima school from the age of three and every year you can only gain momentum.

Our school has the following groups:

from 3 to 6 years old - classes carefully and in a playful way develop musicality and coordination,
from 7 to 9 years - the ballet basis is laid and the elasticity of the body increases,
from 9 to 11 PROFI - a more in-depth study of a classical ballet lesson,
from 12 PROFI - a serious level of classes, a classic lesson includes more intense loads and technical elements,
15+ PROFI - professional training of future ballet dancers,
15+ BASIC - for adults with a minimum and zero level of training, who have decided to love ballet not only in themselves, but also in themselves - in ballet,
Dance Mama is for those parents who, instead of a cup of coffee while waiting for their baby from class, prefer to strengthen their child's motivation to practice ballet by example.
Also, there are individual lessons, which are designed for those who prefer a more flexible schedule of classes with the ability to draw up a personalized program of loads based on the wishes of the student.

Why do you need ballet?

For a start, it's beautiful! In addition, you will receive many more pleasant bonuses in the form of grace, royal posture, flexibility and elasticity of muscles, which significantly prolongs their longevity, and among other things, you will feel inner confidence in every movement both in the ballet hall and far beyond it.
A ballet dancer will no longer be able to remain indifferent to the music of the great classical composers, since the emotional component of perception is greatly enhanced. After all, dance is the music of the body, multiplied by feelings and experiences. Not a mechanical set of movements, but a whole story. Being able to convey your story to the audience is an incredible exchange of energy that, like a battery, makes the artist glow from the inside, both on stage and in life outside the theater.

We, the creators and teachers of the La Prima ballet school, experienced all these amazing emotions on stage, and we really want to share this incredible experience with you. In addition to the creative component, we tried to create the most professional atmosphere in the hall and comfortable in the waiting area. Every ballet dancer knows how important the "correct floor" is - not hard, which not only absorbs the dancer's jumps, protecting the joints from injury, but also has properties similar to a springboard, contributing to the lightness and height of each jump. We took all these aspects into account when creating the flooring in our ballet halls, where all the necessary technologies were used for the layer-by-layer formation of the floor and the final covering of it with professional ballet linoleum. While children are learning the basics of classical ballet in the hall, parents have the opportunity to watch their progress thanks to video broadcast on the monitor in a comfortable waiting area.

Also, at your disposal high-speed WiFi and the endless hospitality of our administrator.

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