8, Prorizna street, Kyiv

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Past events

Concert punk rock band Elysium. Kiev 13.09.2019

Fri 13 Sep 19:00-22:00

Magic Sword (retrowave/USA)

Sun 22 Sep 19:00-23:00

Eyehategod (USA)

Sun 29 Sep 19:00-23:00

Review 4


Very nice club for concert and drink something :)
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Alex D

One of the best karaoke clubs in the city, in the very downtown. Excellent sound, big stage. Starts working at 8:00 pm. Deposit UAH 400 per person that you can use for food and drinks. The place is quite big, around 20 tables so after 11 pm your turn may come in more than an hour unless you are willing to pay UAH 500 to break into the queue which is somewhat strange for westerners. Our waitress was just fantastic, she obviously really enjoyed her job
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Alexander Wildfire

The bar was very nicely decorated and the idea for ultraviolet lighting stamps for tickets is amazing! It's dark and groovy inside and the atmosphere was really nice. My only problem was with the employees who were annoyed and silent/not friendly to guests who pay to go to this place.
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Basil Lion

Shanti people concert was very good... Places on balcony was fine. Not sure how is club itself, but security was awful and not friendly. They forced us to drop all our stuff and clothing, the queue was very long with just one person serving. So we spent 15 min to just enter the club. Yet, it was quite cold on the balcony due to the aggressive ventilation/ac. Almost caught a cold. No parking nearby. And security isn't vety helpful finding a place.
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Next to MonteRay Club


Monument to Mikhail Samuelovich Panikovsky

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Milano Torino Vermuteria

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Social organization

UA: Ukrainian radio

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Concert Hall

Kyiv Metropolis Orchestra

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Concert Hall

Concert hall «House of the Architect»

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Корчма Тарас Бульба

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Druzi Cafe & Bar

109 m. Prorizna street, 5, Kiev

(044) 279-54-20

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