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National Ukrainian food on Independence

In a secluded spot in the center of the capital, a new cozy Ukrainian-style establishment has appeared. Music of popular Russian musicians sounds in it, and tables are decorated with live flowers.
The new place creates an atmosphere of colorful rest somewhere in a sunny summer cottage.
Unlike most establishments, this cafe has reasonable prices both for breakfast and for celebrations with the company.
Inside the institution there are two halls with colored soft sofas and an equally cozy courtyard on the street with a cheerful bench and tables.
Here you will be pleasantly pleased with the seasonal summer menu with various vegetables and fruits, homemade tinctures - sea buckthorn, horseradish, currants on gin, cherries on bourbon. And of course, here you can taste fragrant borsch with donuts, green fragrant borschik and refreshing cold beetroot. In the cafe "Borsch on Pushkinskaya" you can taste not only Ukrainian dishes, but also traditional European ones.

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