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Presentation of Illarion Pavlyuk's novel "I see you are interested in darkness"

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Thu 22 Oct 19:00-21:00

About the place

The idea is to open a social restaurant in Kyiv in an Urban Space format which will become a successful example of uniting a community around a common cause. What makes Urban Space unique is that 80% of the restaurant profit will be reinvested in social projects aimed at the city’s development.

The project will bring together 500 active citizens following their passion for high-quality urban space development.

Past events

Balcony chic: understand her to see

Thu 04 Jul 18:00-19:30

Opening Urban Space 500

Tue 18 Dec 14:00-23:00

Review 5

Sasha Razzhyvina

Comfortable location, tasty menu, deep social and city orientation position. Good place for business meetings and personal party.
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Vlad Bondarenko

Very good food and drink! Recommend there warm punch and burrata
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Oleksandr Teliuk

Spacious and specific restoraunt (they are a social enterprise). The dishes and the atmosphere were really good, but the service was not the best. We were waiting for a salad with haloumi for more than 40 min, and the waiters were a bit arrogant
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Ksenia Semenova

Great food, friendly staff, located in the city center but away from main streets. It's an inclusive space with a very high chance to accidentally meet your good friends. Highly recommended!
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Valentyn Desiatnyk

The third place for Kyiv community. 80% of profit is going to grant community-based social initiatives. Cosy healthy cuisine and wonderful coffee. Rich cocktail list. Highly recommended!
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