Vyshgorodsky district, the village of Glebovka, the tract Zeleniy Bor, 7.

About the place

In the middle of a pine forest, away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, on the shores of the Kiev Sea there is a suburban space for relaxation - Base Lesnaya.
All cottages of the Lesnaya base are built of wood, each of them has a unique design and layout. All furniture is made of natural wood, and the interior is decorated with skins of wild animals and homespun blankets made of natural sheep’s wool. .

In the Forest, they will take care not only of mental, but also of bodily harmony. You can get full relaxation in a real bathhouse, on wood, with a birch broom. All saunas are located in separate cottages, on the second floor of which there is a cozy relaxation room with a balcony and a billiard room.

On the Lesnaya base, you can restrict yourself exclusively to the beach format of relaxation: sun loungers on the beach and around the pools, music in the lounge style on the weekends, swings and upholstered outdoor furniture, a barbecue burger, a bar and the restaurant’s original cuisine are at your disposal.

The base offers cycling and hiking, two pools with a jacuzzi and an outdoor children's pool. Sports enthusiasts can play badminton, billiards or table tennis. For families with children in the "Forest" equipped a bright playground with a trampoline.

The professional team working at the base can organize any special event - be it a business conference, a wedding or a party. The modern Lesnoy conference room is equipped with multimedia projectors, as well as an LCD panel.
Services base "Forest":
· Daily and long-term rental of cottages

· Rent VIP apartments

· Restaurant of author's cuisine

· Rent a cottage with a bathhouse and a font

· Two pools

· Beach holidays

· BBQ and BBQ

· Conducting major events (corporate events, birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.)

· Ability to rent the entire base

Superior Cottage

The cottage is designed for people who particularly value comfort on vacation in the country. Such a two-story house is designed for two persons. In addition to a luxurious bedroom, a fireplace room, the cottage is equipped with a hot tub. Everyone knows how mild massage favorably affects the body and how successfully it overcomes fatigue. The weekend in Lesnoy will perfectly charge you with vigor and energy for the new working week.

The cost of living in any cottage in Lesnaya includes not only breakfast, but also the opportunity to swim in the pools and use sun loungers.
Cottage with a sauna

A cottage with a sauna awaits lovers of temperature contrasts. Want to jump out of the heat of a steam room into a cool font? This cottage is for you! On the ground floor there is a fireplace room. And on the second floor there is a relaxation room with billiards and a comfortable bedroom with a balcony. The cottage is designed for 2-4 people. In the "Forest" all the delights of bathhouse are gathered under one roof.
Standard Cottage

A two-story cottage made of natural logs, built without a single nail, designed for four guests. If desired, two extra beds can be arranged. A fireplace room with a working fireplace, two floors, two bedrooms, one of which has a balcony, bathroom, telephone, safe, satellite TV, plasma TV, refrigerator and air conditioning in each cottage. In total, there are 8 such cottages on the basis of Lesnaya.
VIP room for two

Cozy room for two with a fireplace in the bedroom, a huge plasma, air conditioning - an ideal place for a romantic evening!

Review 14

Limitless Ukraine

I really liked it. It doesn't feel like Ukraine because level of service is great. I will definitely come back here
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Yevgeny Okayanyuk

Это лучшая база отдыха на которой я побывал за 34 года. Такого воспитанного, открытого и дружелюбного персонала я не встречал НИГДЕ и НИКОГДА. Я рекомендую и буду сам приезжать на эту базу отдыха! Теперь из минусов (позитив их перекрывает полностью), но..... 1. Домики отличные, есть камин, нам попался не с самым хорошим душем. Вода стояла сантиметров 5. 2. ТВ в домике было когда то спутниковым, но теперь после блокировок там 3 канал. Жаль.
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Ann ಥ‿ಥ

Дуже сподобалось !!!!!!
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Константин Григоренко

Красивое место, но с годами становится всё дороже и дороже в обслуживании. Приветливый персонал. Чисто и аккуратно на территории, что нельзя сказать о береге.
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Наталья Нефёдова

Дуже гарне місце для відпочинку або проведення корпоративу, весілля чи ювілею
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Alex Sac

Чудове місце для відпочинку з дітьми. Два басейни, дитячий басейн, джакузі. Пляж на березі Київського водосховища. Дерев'яні котеджі
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Хороший загородный комплекс, но за мангал +300 грн и по 150 грн за охапку дров, которые не горят, а тлеют, это жлобство))) Если планируются блюда на мангале, берите с собой угли.
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dimon borovich

Дуже чудове місце для проведення вихідних. Закрита, охороняєма територія є парковка для відвідувачів. База знаходиться на березі Київського моря. Море звичайно не дуже хороше для купання (можливо просто коли я там був то воно було таке грязне) але це не страшно так як на території комплексу є 2 басейни для плавання і навіть маленький не глибокий для дітей. На вибір в базі лісовій є багато будиночків розраховані на різну кількість людей біля кожного будиночка є гойдалка та столики зі стільчиками є мангальна зона. Також комплекс має дуже хороше меню у своєму ресторані!!
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Oleksandr T

Nice quiet place by the Kyiv Sea
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anatoly gen

Awesome place for a weekend or a few days off. Not far away from Kiev, wonderful facilities - wooden houses near the river (which looks like a sea there). Forrest and swimming pool in there. Excellent service by the stuff; you just tell what you wish and they will make it happen!!! There is one house with sauna; another one with jacuzzi. Extremely comfortable for families with kids, wonderful service for a very pleasant vacation!!!
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Oksana Hnezdylova

Cool location & service!
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Denis Goryachev

Nice place to spend weekend
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Алексей Дячук

Отличное место, красиво, уютно. Много раз там был, всегда приветливый персонал.
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Volodymyr Danych

Гарне місце.
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