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Creative Association "PARADIZ" - the implementation of projects of talented teenagers! Our creative socio-cultural space was created in 2003 by the ideological mastermind and producer Inna Moshkovskaya.
Our team fulfills the dreams of future artists, musicians, actors and even young models! PARADIZ is a highly professional multidisciplinary full-cycle creative association that specializes in promoting young performers, organizing and conducting events, concert activities, and also provides services in the field of pr and promo, product licensing, production - shooting and promotion of clips, recording in the studio, etc. .
“PARADIZ” is a real laboratory of creativity, in which children are helped to develop and improve in different directions. In professional, young and positive teachers, children see older friends, learning with whom is a pleasure.
Vocational training takes place in the creative disciplines that are in demand today:
- pop vocals;
- modern choreography;
- classic;
- acting;
- model art;
- school of TV presenters
- journalism
- Rhetoric
Among the teachers there is a bright, modern team of professionals represented by popular artists: MamaRika, Roman Veremeychik, Dmitry Stupka, Alina Bashkina, Vlad Kiversky, Olga Kononova, Vyacheslav Rak, etc.
Pupils of the creative association take part in popular television projects: “Golos.Diti”, “I want to Meladze”, “X-Factor”, “Junior Eurovision”, “Black Sea Games”, “Little Giants”, the series “SCHOOL”. Today, not a single major concert is complete without the participation of PARADIZ students - solo performance, performance with popular artists, children perform as guests at international projects, awards and red carpet, etc.

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