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The restaurant is located on two floors of a two-story mansion dating back to the early 20th century and has two large and three small rooms. The total number of seats is 130 people.

The interior of the restaurant is executed in classical Chinese style, each hall has its own individual original decoration and design. Two small rooms for 10 and 8 seats on the ground floor are equipped with Video and TV.

The large hall on the second floor of the restaurant can simultaneously accommodate 80 people, in the small hall up to 20 people. Due to the number of cozy rooms, the Chinese restaurant "Du Long" is an ideal place for celebrations, buffets, banquets, buffets, birthdays, presentations, meetings and receptions of delegations.

The restaurant's menu (more than 250 names) presents the best dishes of the four most famous and popular Chinese cuisines - Jiang Su, Xi Chuan, Shan Dong and Guan Dong, which are prepared by the best Chinese chefs of the highest category, as well as exquisite and exotic dishes of Chinese cuisine. For a long time, Chinese cuisine has been popular all over the world, has millions of its admirers. Join and you are one of them.

Chinese restaurant "Du Long" is the place where you can always not only have a good time, but also enjoy the exquisite taste and a wide range of all kinds of exotic dishes for every taste!

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This place looks just like China. Super Asian. Unfortunately, couldn't find a lot of options for vegetarians, but that's alright. In general, the place is good, whoever misses China, you are more than welcome to experience it in Kiev.
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Iryna Kharchenko

Отличная говядина по сычуански! В жареной лапше с морепродуктами и ж.лапше со свининой хотелось бы больше насышенности. Жареные пельмени - как повезет. Мне попались более менее, а приятелю сухие и пережаренные, он съел только пару штук. К пельменям не хватает соуса.
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Катерина Дзюба

Сам заклад норм, наскільки я розумію - максимально автентичний, бо багато китайців там харчуються. Але сама кухня мені не зайшла. Дуже жирна.
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Marlen Nemitullaev

Отличный китайский ресторан в центре Киева с хорошими ценами.
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Василий Олейник

Вкусно, приятно ну и не дорого
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Really nice, the fish soup (the only thing I've ordered) was good. The only thing is the plastic plates that killed the vibe a bit (actual porcelain would be so much better than plastic that pretends to look like porcelain), otherwise I do recommend the place for a nice dinner!
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Дмитрий Громов

Одно из лучших мест куда я хожу. Кисло сладкий тофу рис и жареный сельдерей это мой топ.
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Смачна їжа, доступні ціни, гарно оформлений інтер'єр
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Anna Stecenko

Дуже смачно, обслуговування прекрасне,ціни помірні, меню вражає. Кожного разу, як на свято. Дякую.
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Юлия Боженова

Не дуже сподобалось сира риба.
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Crystallina ART

Дуже раджу цей заклад! Все дуже автентичне і смачне.
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Real chinese food. Big portions. Family friendly. Cash only.
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Rushdi A

Beautiful meal. Autheñtic, simple cuisine. If you are a fan of Chinese cooking, visit. No frills, you are there for the food. Once you accept that then everything falls into place. Polite, courteous service and NO cards accepted fo payments.
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