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1€. One euro bar.

Hot dog, pie and oysters - to cider and pour.
White Pour is a place about little sins that you should afford. And the temptation to whet your appetite.
It just needs to be felt. The desire that comes when you think about a glass of cold apple cider with bubbles.
Pour the cider from the barrels located under the ceiling. The show-pouring looks like this: a powerful meter-long stream of cider breaks into a glass, the drink is filled with oxygen, a seductive foam is created, and the taste becomes more expressive.
It is at this point that the first sip is worth making!
A stronger and more heady sin is the apple tincture. Always want a little more.
Hot apple punch with cinnamon, cloves and almonds stimulates the appetite and warms it up.

What to choose from all this? Hot dog, pie and oyster!
Oyster with lemon is a fresh delicacy.

Hot Dog. Classic or vegan. You can and should add a cheese raclette.

Pie - with chicken or apples.

We value your time and your choice, so there are always two rules in the White Bulk:
- any product or drink costs 1 € (29 UAH).
- you will receive your order within 3 minutes.

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