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About the place

It is believed that the first pool for water here was erected at the time of Kyivska Rus. Water was fed to it through wooden tubes.

In the Renaissance, some of the rich cities of Western Europe decorated their areas with small fountains with sculptures. Fashion on the fountain was also supported by the Polish magnates, decorated with gardens like fountains with their own castles or their patios. Among the oldest fountains in Ukraine are the fountains of the Italian garden of the Pidhirtsi castle, created in the middle of the 17th century (not preserved).
There was a fountain on Podol in Kiev. The pool had a roof in the form of a gazebo, and in the middle there was an angel with a cup from which water flowed. Another angel decorated the roof of a gazebo like a weathervane.
At the end of the seventeenth century. On the roof of the gazebo the sun clock was set. He was erected by a teacher of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Frenchman Brulion.
In 1749 here for the first time it was set up a sculpture of the biblical character of Samson, who tore the lion's mouth. In 1811, during a fire on Podol, the arbor was damaged along with the sun clocks. The pantry was restored, but without a clock.
In 1934, the Fountain was dismantled. Only on the eve of the celebrations on the occasion of the 1500th anniversary of Kiev decided to restore the gazebo and fountain. "New" Samson was created on the model of an ancient copy, preserved in the museum. The gazebo in the forms of the Ukrainian Baroque is restored too.

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