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This is not a shelter, not a foundation, not an organization. We are a tiny family that helps animals to the best of our ability and this page is exclusively about our pupils. About those who need a loving family, a permanent home and a responsible owner. All the animals we take care of are taken from the street or from unfavorable conditions on our own initiative.
Each new animal undergoes a basic examination at the clinic, if necessary, receives veterinary care, castration / sterilization (mandatory), vaccination, socialization of the animal is carried out. All have a veterinary passport with the necessary marks.
The animals receive normal food, which, however, is not cheap, but thanks to it they are in excellent shape.
In a word, we are trying as best we can ... Helping animals is a good thing, BUT! It is very difficult to do this with 1-2 people. Therefore, we are forced to ask for help from all those who are not indifferent to the maintenance and treatment of animals rescued from the street, of course, if there is a desire and opportunity.
Let's TOGETHER make their lives better!
P.S. ANIMALS DO NOT ACCEPT! We are pulling those that already exist, and then not without the help of caring people. More than 30 NEW animals find shelter in our house every year. There are always no less on constant support, half of them are already old, sick, requiring special attention and care, and the rest are healthy, cheerful and full of strength (we are trying to find a new family for them, where they will be loved, taken care of no worse and can be given more attention, which they lack so much with so many other woolen guests). One small family is still a lot ... We do not have a foundation, permanent sponsors and PR specialists. We do not cooperate with any organizations and companies. It is very difficult for us financially, physically and mentally. But we will not abandon the animals we saved!
If you want to take an animal from us (already castrated, vaccinated, treated, with a veterinary passport, accustomed to a litter box (cats) or to walking on a leash (dogs) - write in a personal message on the Gaia Animals page. And if you just want something help - we will be no less happy and will show you how you can do this, provide a list of current help at the moment and you will choose the most comfortable way for you.
!!! Due to the quarantine, we do not accept new visitors. If you wanted to come with a group of people to help physically, then for this you should contact any large shelter, there they will gladly accept you and give you a certain scope of work. In our little kingdom, we handle cleaning and feeding ourselves. Wrong scale. Thank you for understanding.

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