22-20 Khreshchatyk St (Independence Square), Kyiv

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The Lyadska Brama (Lyadsky Gate) is a historical monument of the Ukrainian capital. This is the south-eastern gate of ancient Kiev. The construction led to the prince's part of the city and was located on the site of the current Independence Square.

The Lyadsky Gates are first mentioned in written sources in 1151. The gate was part of a system of defensive structures built by Yaroslav Mudry in the 30th of XI century. The old name comes from the words "lay", "lydina", which means cleared forest clearing. Through them passed a famous way to Klov and Pechersk Monastery. At this place, during the siege of the hail at the end of 1240, Baty's Khan's troops defeated and broke into Kiev.
Wooden Lyadsky Gate of the XI century was rebuilt many times. From the XVII century she got the name of Pechora, because it was a path to Pechersk, and the adjoining part of the Old Town was called the Pechersk town. In the 60s of the XVIII century a new stone gate was built, the remains of which are museums.
In 2001, the gate was restored near the place where the remains of an ancient wooden house were discovered. The modern version of the historical monument is decorated with the figure of Archangel Michael. Near the gate you can see fragments of the stone foundation of the Pechersk Gate.

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Ramunė Vaičiulytė

Lach Gates (Lyadsky Gates) at Independence Square in Kiev is a monument built in 2001 to commemorate one of the Medieval Kiev city gates. At the top is a sculpture of Archangel Michael which is the city's symbol. These gates were one of three known gates of the Old Kiev, the others being the Golden Gate and the Jewish (Lviv) Gates.
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gülcan balta

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Matej Kolmanič

Great monumental Gate in the citycentre of Kiev.
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Oleksiy Tyzhnenko

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Rayan Yankesar

Very cool place
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