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When you cook popcorn in the microwave, the grains of corn crack from the heat. Clap clap clap That is why we decided to call the concert agency Pop Corn. We give you warmth in the form of concerts, and you repay us with applause in full halls and smiles that bloom at the sight of your favorite artist. Just like that popcorn made from corn. Beautiful analogy, is not it?
It all started in 2012. Lida Klov, the current director of Pop Corn, told a more experienced colleague, Katya Sudorgina: "I want to do a concert, but I'm afraid I don’t know where to start." Katya raised an eyebrow and said: "What's so terrible? Take it and do it." So with a light hand in Ukraine, the British dudes The Kooks made their first appearance.
Further - only better. Katya and Lida, under the guise of GAS Concert, have done many iconic concerts for the concert industry of Ukraine over several years. Alt-J, Foals, The Neighborhood, M83 and the favorites of the public - Hurts came to us. The overwhelming majority of them went by soldiers. These deliveries happened at the right time for the country, when it seemed that the market was in stagnation and nothing good shines to our viewers.
The organizers had to fight for each artist in the literal sense. But with each signed contract it became easier. Portfolio replenished - and not the last names. Western agents understood: you can deal with these people. So, the 2018th brought the most visited foreign concert in the entire history of the country - Imagine Dragons at the NSC "Olympic". Franz Ferdinand, Cigarettes After Sex, and niche musicians, eccentric rappers Scxrlord and Ghostemane, arrived to us.
In the same year, Lida decides to go her own way - and cooked Pop Corn. The name is correct not only because of the beautiful analogy. Everyone loves popcorn, but with different additives. The principle of a concert agency is the same - to give people the opportunity to listen to not only popular, but also different to their taste. Without the possibility of choice, there will be no development of taste receptors.
The following year, Pop Corn has already made several blanks for music lovers. In January - the megapopular pop-rock duo Twenty One Pilots and the modern-soul band from Britain Jungle. In February - synth poppers Years & Years. There are even plans for the summer - pseudo-secret agents from New York, post-punks Interpol ..
And this is not the whole list of what is being prepared in this Pop Corn machine for the near future. Stand in line for adding.

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The 1975. August 1, Art-Plant Platform

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