Naberezhnoe highway / Truhanov island, Kyiv

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The Park Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the Dnieper, which connects the central part of Kyiv with the park area and the beaches of Trukhanov Island. It was built in 1956-1957 according to the project of the Ukrproektstalkonstruktsiya Institute with the participation of the Institute of Electric Welding named after Ye. O. Paton of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The authors of the project are engineers AA Gomin, VI Kirienko, VO Sych, GP Fen, O. Shumitsky, MM Konstantinov, BP Petrov and architects OI Zavarov. , V. Suvorov.

By design - all-welded bridge, built using automatic welding. The length of the bridge is 429 m, the width of the pedestrian part is 7 m. It consists of three central girders of the hanging structure and the shore sections of the beam structure. The central girders according to the scheme 60 + 180 + 60 m are raised above the river level by 26 m, which ensures the passage of vessels at the highest water levels. Hyperbolic in outline and rigid in structure chains (welded from metal sheets) are fixed on two pylons of a frame form 32 m high. Vertical suspension brackets on both sides of the road with a step of 10 m are made of steel angles. The road surface made of reinforced concrete slabs rests on two I-beam welded beams (height 2.4 m). The coastal parts are solved in the form of beam reinforced concrete girder structures: on the left-bank section - three girders of 36 m each, on the right-bank section - one girder of 17.9 m. The bridge supports are reinforced concrete, frame construction. The bases of all supports are reinforced concrete driving piles (section 35 × 35 cm, length from 9 to 13 m).

On September 18, 2015, the bridge became part of the bicycle route "residential area Troieschyna - European Square", connecting the most populated residential area of ​​the city with its center with a single bicycle path. The pedestrian part became a compatible bicycle-pedestrian path, which was marked with the appropriate sign according to the traffic regulations - 4.14. Walkway for pedestrians and cyclists.

in 2017, on the 60th anniversary of the cities, it was decided to reconstruct. On the 0.43 km long bridge, the pedestrian part of the right-bank and left-bank approaches is covered with figured paving elements; new cast iron sections of the railing were installed; painted - railing, lighting poles, pendants, chains on the bridge. There are also obstacles on the approaches to the bridge and on the side of the driveway from the stairs of Magdeburg law. This will not hinder the movement of passers-by, but will block the movement of cars; underground solid waste collection containers have also been installed. It remains to complete the 130-meter marking work. The cost of repairs is UAH 17 million. A modern polymer coating with a layer of basalt rubble was installed on the bridge. The organization of pedestrian and bicycle flows on the bridge was also reorganized - a 3-meter red bicycle path was allocated in the middle.

The expressive silhouette of the bridge has become one of the traditional elements in the panorama of Kyiv.

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«THE TIME» вистава-променад

Sat 10 Oct 18:00-19:30

Review 4

Vitalii Bratok

It's renovated now, beautiful view on the river and city. It has lights at night. Also it has bike like.
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Joanna Góra

Very comfortable way to cross the river. I really like the idea of the bridge only for pesdestrians and bikes. In addition, it looks nice and colorful. There are also bungee jumps happening there, which is quite interesting. Going through the bridge brings you straight to the City Beach.
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Catherine t

A very nice bridge to walk through. There are two types of lanes on the bridge - for pedestrians and bicycle riders - though, it's hard to navigate through the crowd for the latter, as no one actually walking/riding precisely on their lanes. Also, there is a service of banji-jumping in the middle of the bridge.
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Mark Sharovskiy

Very nice bridge that is very good for both cyclists and pedestrians. I liked it because is is beautiful both at night and during the day. By the way, at night it gets really colourful which looks really amazing.
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