Тропинка к метро Сырец, Київ, Ukraine, 02000

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About the place

The  Park Dubki in Kyiv is one of the largest in Ukraine's capital and has the status of a park-monument of landscape architecture of national significance. The park is a national heritage: here it is impossible to build, change its limits, prohibit the passage of transport, the territory of the park can not even ride a horse. Due to the large number of green plantations, this park is a favorite vacation spot for retirees who walk slowly along the tracks, moms with prams, love couples trying to retire under the cover of trees.

Past events

Bicycle race for kids "Kotigoroshka" (April) 2019

Sun 21 Apr 10:30-13:00

Review 5

Андрей Ка

Excellent place for bicycling and picnics.
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Vitalina Solntsa

Nice place, pretty wild comparing to other city parks.
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Taras Korolyov

Great place to jog, cycle, play with children, dogs, ski in winter. Beautiful nature.
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Oleg Shevtsoff

Hardwood forest, some trees show show signs of coppicing. Undergrowth is not dense, a lot of trails for running, walking or biking. No pavement, just compacted soil - could be dirty after rain.
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Tiberiu Dima

Great park (rather forest) for a walk or bike ride with kids. Feel the power of nature in the middle of a city. Have your kids learning new bike skills and bike confidence on small natural "roller coasters".
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