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Museum of Bread has existed in Kiev since 1983. Blockade and cosmic bread, history of growing crops, instruments of labor of our forefathers-agriculturists, from time of Tripillya to the XX century – all these are represented in this Museum. It is called “House of Bread”. It is the main product of Ukrainian export, the main child of our rich land. And it is not just boring stands. Bakeries are built near the Museum, from primitive ones of Yaroslav Mudriy time, to the very modern. It is possible to taste bread, baked on recipes of our forefathers. The Gloomier (a handful of corn and notorious “three spikes”) and blockade bread (rye flour with cattle cake, malt and cellulose) – are also here, among the exhibits of this Museum. Tragic pages of history of the violent XX century come to life on this stands. And near there is other kind of bread, earthborn food of astronauts, packed in black and white overwrap, which stayed in cosmic space for about four months. Above 100 kinds of loafs of different forms and sizes from various corners of Ukraine and the World are collected in the Museum. There is bread from America, France and Germany. Visitors can get acquainted with traditions of bakery of different nations.

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