2 H. Skovorody street, Kyiv

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26 years ago, the revived Mogilyanka opened the door for the first students of independent Ukraine. Then came the most ambitious, bold and creative young people who, together with the teachers, were ready to build a new university for their own affairs. Today, Mohyla graduates are among the most sought after specialists in the labor market in Ukraine. A unique spirit of self-improvement and a special atmosphere of active learning and comprehensive development, and now reigns within the walls of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Mogilyanka is a university that offers not only the highest standards of education, but also unique opportunities for the development of each student's personality.

Founded more than 400 years ago, the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is the oldest university in Ukraine. At the same time, NaUKMA is a modernist university, because it has been revived since the independence of Ukraine and does not have Soviet history. The University was built on the principles of justice, transparency and the highest standards of teaching. Today NaUKMA is a leader in reforming the Ukrainian education system, which is best integrated into the Western educational context.

The University operates the Liberal Arts Education system, which promotes the formation of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge among students. Students independently form their curriculum by choosing individual subjects, minor programs, and certificate programs that allow them to gain knowledge in various fields. Mogilyanka gives a unique opportunity to independently form the trajectory of training, developing in several of the most interesting areas for the student simultaneously. In parallel, students improve English, which is the second working language at the university. Such an integrated approach to higher education allows graduates to be trained as much as possible in today's labor market demands and be fully realized in their professional activities.

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Next to National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"



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