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 A home type  mini-shelter «Dog house number 1» or Kiev shepherd dog help team

 Who and what are we? Why «Dog house number 1»?

Hello.My name is Lilya. My family and I keep a small home-like shelter since 2006. 

When in a two-room city apartment finally there were more animals than people, my husband joked that instead of sign on the door «Apartment number 1» it is already quite possible to hang a sign «Dog house number 1»…We didn’t hang the sign but moved from our apartment to a private house and this way our dog’s&cat’s kingdom was called  Dog house number 1.

Over the past five years, more than six hundred animals were picked up from the streets, medically treated and given a new home. We worry about our animals and look very carefully for a possibility to find a new home and new owners for them. We do for them everything we can: treat medically (if necessary), recover, vaccinate, treat parasites, give nutrition and decent living conditions. But they still remain, if not homeless, ownerless ….

 What is the Shepherd dog help team ?

As our soul is given to two wonderful breeds — German and East-European shepherd, eventually our shelter turned into the Kiev shepherd dog help team. This means that in general, we try to help exactly the shepherd dogs which have gotten into trouble and / or ownerless. 

Where are these dogs from?

Dogs are mostly picked up from the streets, abandoned houses or non-residential objects, and sometimes from the owners themselves, wishing to get rid of the dog. These dogs in their majority get to us with health problems, and sometimes wounded and exhausted. Some of them lived in apartments, but mostly these are the dogs which lived in private houses. We try to adapt  the animal to a new life as much as  possible before transferring to a new family. When potential owners  meet a dog we necessarily tell them about all the health issues and peculiarities of the dog’s behavior known to us. We do not conceal anything: we are interested that Your new pet would “fit”in Your home and family the best possible way. 

How to adopt a dog?

Look through the actual database of the dogs, read their stories, think about whether You are ready to take an animal into Your home, and whether it would be warmly welcomed and loved? Call us to arrange an acquaintance with the dog. And if it goes well, we’ll bring the dog You’ve liked to Your home. 

Important: animals, mostly, are given for free, but we ask to refund a sterilization for the young pedigree dogs and a part of maintenance cost for puppies. This is important because many potential owners are not willing to bear any costs when taking an animal from a shelter. Please pay attention to this issue before You dial my number.

 What is a probation period? What if » it did not work out«?

Probation period is a period of time, usually a month, during which the animal adapts in a new home. During this time, You and the dog will be able to take a closer look at each other, find out the pros and cons of living together. If the probation period is successful, the dog stays with You and is considered Yours. If something didn’t work out between You and the animal, please do not throw it away and do not pass it to new hands on Your own — it is not a shame to return the dog, we try to supervise our dogs all their lives and appreciate Your understanding very much. 

Do You have a female dog for breeding? Me / my neighbor has a  great male dog…

No. We sterilize all dogs as we are categorically against uncontrolled breeding and  «good health» dog mating, and only support the pedigree and competent breeding of animals which have a club pedigree, expert evaluation, etc. 

Why sterilization is necessary?

Sterilization is needed primarily to avoid problems such as a false pregnancy, mastitis, breast cancer, endometria, pyometra and tumors of uterus and ovaries. Moreover sterilization simplifies the maintenance of a dog in a private house — Your dog will not collect crowds of  «dog grooms», trying to break into Your yard, or will not try to escape to a neighbor’s «dog bride.» 

Do the adult dogs adapt well to a new family and a new home?

Usually adaptation is quite simple. But You should not expect a dog to behave perfectly, showing the wonders of understanding and obedience in the first days of living in Your house. Animals understand very well, when they get to a new home from the shelter, but there still remains a stress factor — for You and for the dog. Here You may need patience and endurance and what is most important – great love for a dog. But more often the dog finds a common language with a new family really quick. We also have a very successful experience of finding new homes for older dogs where they perfectly adapt themselves regardless of their age. 

What should I do if there is no answer to my question here?

Write us or call us, we will be glad to answer the questions You may have.  

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