st. Aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky, 1A, Kiev

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Zen is a recruiting agency. We work with the largest media projects in the CIS. We select the best, train and arrange for a dream job.

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Very Well Cafe (Igor Sikorsky)

19 m. st. Aircraft Designer Igor Sikorsky, 1a, Kyiv

(068) 457-08-24

Cultural Center


201 m. st. Parkovo-Siretska, 23, Kiev

(044) 538-01-02


National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

345 m. 20, вул. Ежена Потьє, Київ, Украина, 02000

(044) 481-21-55


KROK University

376 m. Tabirna Street, 30, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

(044) 455-57-57


Xleb (Sikorsky)

396 m. 4-G Aviakonstruktora Igor Sikorsky St

(096) 158-64-82

Rope park

Rope park "Tsіkava znakhіdka"

451 m. Park-Syretska St, Syretsky Park, Kyiv

(095) 393-65-55


Pub "U Kozla"

470 m. 6/11 Yevhenii Miroshnychenko St, Kyiv

(067) 220-41-21

Child Center

Children's Railway

481 m. 4 Shamrylo T. St., Kyiv

(044) 458-48-34


YAK on the wings

589 m. st. 53A Degtyarevskaya Street, Kyiv

(044) 456-78-17


The Syretsky dendrological park

637 m. Parkovo-Syretska St, Kyiv

(044) 400-30-29