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“Very Well Café” is an evolving network of tasty and cozy cafes for family and friendly companies, with its own personality, a highlight in the interior and a culinary component.

A small main menu with simple, clear and popular dishes. Healthy and natural food cooked in the Spanish Josper wood-burning stove. Honest food for a fair price. The wine list consists of inexpensive, strong, noteworthy wines, complementing dishes from the restaurant menu. The main position of the chef is not to overload the dishes with ingredients, to cook deliciously and simply, in a family way. New offers from the chef regularly appear, timed to coincide with the new season, for holidays and for special events. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, from light salads to juicy meat. And of course, branded desserts: Napoleon with caramel sauce; warm apple pie with ice cream. In the daytime, guests are expected at hearty business lunches.

Very Well Café is a city cafe with a cozy atmosphere and a modern, bright interior. Family-friendly, homely with fresh flowers, wide windows and soft sofas. In the evening, pleasant twilight and candles make Very Well Café an ideal place for casual conversations.

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Ярослав Шеденко

Найкраще місце в окрузі для спілкування з друзями. Чудове співвідношення ціна-якість.
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Маша Шарко

Величезні порції і дуже смачна їжа, хороший заклад для сімейного відпочинку.
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Евгений Павлюк

Нравится заведение по быстроте обслуживания, вкусной еде и приемлемым ценам. Огромный плюс - большая детская комната, есть стульчики для кормления. Минус - в детской комнате нет ручек на окнах ( если сделали для безопасности детей, то можно было поставить блокираторы на окнах), из за этого нет проветривания и в комнате пахнет пылью и спертым воздухом. Хотелось бы, что бы персонал периодически открывал окна и запускал свежий воздух.
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David Rush

Very good selection of food. Their "business lunch" is always a good option.
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Olga Kosteletskaya

Nice place to celebrate birthday and to meet with friends, delicious food but the service is a little bit slowly)
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Виктория Котенко

Смачно, гарний персонал, ціни відповідають якості. Надто гамірно. Зручно для сімейних свят д дітьми.
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Ольга Ляшко

Большой просторный зал. Быстрая подача. Официанты ненавязчивы и приятны. Как и всегда в Very Well, очень вкусно. Салат с карпаччо лосося, салат с авокадо - красивая подача, вкусно и объёмные порции. Спасибо за стабильное качество ваших ресторанов.
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Svetlana Koval

Страви смачні, обслуговування гарне. З недоліків великий зал через що дуже гамірно.
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Pavlo Odarchuk

Заклад доволі не поганий. Обслуговування швидке. Ціни не дуже високі. Стейк правда принесли з кров'ю
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Heather Idoni

Great food and light atmosphere. Best for a business lunch, meeting with friends, or just while you need to work on your laptop. Desserts are awesome! I had a new berry ice cream cake. Very tasty. Right near the U.S. Embassy and great if you need free WiFi.
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Oleksandr Bazna

Not bad. It is a good place to have a lunch. ✔️ ????????????????: • Tasty dishes. • Vegetarian friendly. • Good location, near metro station. • They have a fast menu. ❌ ????????????????: • Always crowdly and no free tables. • It is a bit cold inside. ???? ????????????????: • Book a table in advance. Always a lot of people inside.
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Jose Manuel Garcia

Very comfortable and cozy. They speak English and have the menu translated as well. The food is very good although if you become a frequent user you will find it somewhat limited after a while, it would be nice to have a little bit more of diversity. The people is great and serving time is short. Probably the place I'll miss more from Kiev.
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