Glushkova, 4D Kiev

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We invite you to witness the unique phenomenon at the Faculty of Cybernetics of KNU: transformation of the Soviet reading room into modern coworking! We want students to have a place where they can easily learn, work productively, and enjoy themselves. A place that inspires and motivates. A place where you want to come after couples and instead of couples. And it's all free!

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Mentworking (networking + mentoring)

Thu 27 Feb 18:00-21:00

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Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics

15 m. Academician Glushkov Avenue, 4, Kyiv

(044) 259-01-39



125 m. Akademika Hlushkova Ave, 4Г, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03127

(063) 647-99-69


The Military Institute of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

334 m. 81, вулиця Михайла Ломоносова, Київ, Украина, 03680

(044) 521-32-89


Institute of Biology and Medicine of the Taras Shevchenko National University

415 m. Киев, Украина, 02000

(044) 521-35-98

Child Center

I giraff

419 m. Mykhaila Lomonosova St, 46/1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03189

(067) 848-40-95

Child Center


431 m. 6 Glushkova str., Kyiv

(044) 227-20-20


Home Sweet Home Cafe

539 m. вулиця Михайла Ломоносова, 50/2, Київ, Украина, 03189

(098) 015-66-40


SameToй Gastrobar

548 m.

(095) 077-49-73

Abandoned buildings


555 m. 1 P28 Akademika Hlushkova Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000


Swing Park KACHELI

580 m. 1, Akademika Glushkova Avenue, Kyiv

(099) 280-74-70

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