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CAPS was founded in 2014 as a school of governance (Civil and Political School) with the aim to educate future leaders and empower them with knowledge and practical skills. In 2016 CAPS began a one-year program in Global Leadership. Having worked with executives from various industries over the last three years, CAPS has come to understand the real needs of our students and the challenges they face. This year the School has transformed into a school providing an entrepreneurial and business education, re-opening its program in November.

CAPS is a niche-oriented school that provides specialized, career-enabling and life-enabling education that is relevant to the interests of our students, who are C-level executives, entrepreneurs across business sectors and scales, intrapreneurs, as well as those who would like to change mindsets into entrepreneurial ones.

We are proud to have a team of top educators, both local and international: we employ the leading experts in the education market from top business schools.

To help students enjoy the time with we use a co-learning space specially designed to facilitate and enhance the learning process. To help students stay focused and remain positive we practice mindfulness and meditation with the help of meditation instructors.

The learning process does not stop after a student stops learning – joining the CAPS Alumni community of people with similar mindset, requests,and aspirations. 
Before the start, CAPS:

  •  tests student’s learning needs and background;
  •  lets student chose the models  of study (Whole-year curriculum, whole course, elective modules);
  •  offers pre-learning online preparation.

 During the study, CAPS:

  •  uses “Learning by doing” approach;
  •  employs peer-to-peer learning and mentoring;
  •  offers practically oriented curriculum;
  •  implements the latest education approaches in general and in entrepreneurial education in particular;
  •  gives a student an opportunity to employ your own business cases and issues.   

 After a student finishes the study, CAPS:

  •  measure the learning results and impacts;
  •  measure the post-learning retention;
  •  track how a student implements the knowledge.

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