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MODEISME is an educational project in the field of fashion. The name is formed by a combination of the French word "mode" (in the lane "fashion") and the English words "is" and "me". Literally: fashion is me. In Russian pronunciation, it acquires an additional meaning, since it contains the word-formation suffix "ism" used in words denoting a system, doctrine or profession. Our goal is to provide quality and extensive first-hand training material from leaders in the fashion industry to enter the profession or broaden their horizons. The project was initiated by the launch of the Personal Stylist course by Margarita Muradova in 2016. Since that time, the project has gone through a long evolutionary process, the stages of which you can follow on the link below.

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Social organization

19 m. Kyiv

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Ninja Sushi

25 m. Sushi delivery

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Sport Club
Sport Club

Yoga for beginners online: Anna Oksimets

34 m. Online

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35 m. 41, street Sagaidachnogo, Kyiv


Kona Coffee

35 m. Obolonsky avenue, 26, Kyiv, 04205

Night club

Musical space MK

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Stadium "Spartacus"

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