How to celebrate March 8th in Kyiv: 12 ideas and events

How to celebrate March 8th in Kyiv: 12 ideas and events

March 8th is International Women's Day, a day of struggle for women's rights and international peace. Today, this day is primarily an opportunity to celebrate progress in gender equality, a day when we once again remind ourselves of equal rights and opportunities for all.

Here are 12 ideas on how to spend March 8th in Kyiv, regardless of whether you celebrate it.

Holiday events on March 8th

"Kureni Tender"

Evenings "Kureni Tender" evenings are not just ordinary events. It's an opportunity to pay tribute to spring, culture, and charity, to share warmth with others, and, of course, to enjoy non-commercial music in the company of like-minded people.

On March 8th, guests from Odesa, KRISTINA & RAYO, will bring spring and music to Kyiv. Their performances are always filled with deep meaning and signature sound influenced by the waves of the Black Sea and chamber events at the Odesa PSC "PORT".

Concert | Music

Kureni Gentle

Sat 09 Mar 18:00-23:00

  • Entry: 200 UAH

Artem Pivovarov Concert

On March 9th, Artem Pivovarov will hold a major solo concert at the Kyiv Palace of Sports. During the show, music lovers will hear live their favorite hits: "Deja vu", "Mirage", "Thoughts", "Manifest", "There in the poplar", and more.

This spring concert, like the previous ones, has a charitable purpose. Part of the funds raised during the performance will be directed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Artem Pivovarov

Sat 09 Mar 19:00-21:00

  • Entry: 850–1250 UAH

Excursion for Kyiv Amazons "Hunting for Men"

On March 9th, an interesting excursion "Hunting for Men" will be organized in the capital for Kyiv's amazons. Participants will enjoy a walk through the city streets, during which they will search for men—from Atlases and mascarons on buildings to modern street art drawings.

Join and find out who will become your favorite—Kyiv's Batman, eccentric architect, Ukrainian Charlie Chaplin, the composer who wrote the anthem of Kyiv, or perhaps the author of the legendary corner kick.


Quest walk "Hunt for men"

Sat 09 Mar 12:00-15:00

  • Entry: 150–250 UAH

Ideas for Celebrating March 8th

Karting: If Your Soul Craves Adrenaline and Speed

Get a dose of adrenaline, add some new emotions, and relieve stress—an ideal option for this is a visit to a karting center.

Compete on the track with friends or family, enjoy the speed, and experiment with driving techniques. Moreover, there are plenty of karting centers in Kyiv, such as the "Need for Speed" center at Ice with a miniature replica of legendary Formula 1 tracks or Smart Kart on the Ring Road.

Even more excursions to get to know Kyiv

Don't limit yourself to just one tour. Kyiv is a city with a rich history and culture. So, choose a few more excursions where you'll learn many interesting facts about the city's past and architecture.

Visiting historical landmarks, museums, and galleries with professional tour guides is a wonderful option if you want to spend March 8th in an educational way.

Choose the tour that suits you by following the link.

Pottery or painting workshops: time for creativity

Creativity is also a unique way to relieve stress. There is a reason why art therapy exists and is proven. And mastering a new skill will bring a lot of pleasure. In Kyiv, you can attend workshops in various areas—from painting to culinary arts. Choose what you like and let's develop your talents.

To choose a workshop, follow this link.

Enjoying nature within the city limits: a visit to the greenhouse

To get inspired after a gloomy winter, visit the greenhouse complex at Grishko Botanical Garden. Azaleas bloom here until mid-March.

The entrance ticket to the Botanical Garden costs 100 UAH. Entrance tickets to each of the Greenhouses (there are two) cost 50 UAH.

The greenhouse complex is open every day from 11:00 to 17:00.

March 8th with Live Music

An evening in a pub or club with live music is a great way to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. Choose what you want to hear—blues, jazz, or rock—and enjoy performances by talented Ukrainian musicians.

You can choose a venue with live music by following the link.

Recommendations for Celebrating March 8th from Kyivmaps

Try Something New or Visit Your Favorite Kyiv Establishment March 8th for foodies is a visit to a café, bar, or restaurant you've been dreaming of. Choose a cozy venue with a great city view and enjoy exquisite cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere with friends or alone.

You can start your gastronomic tour early in the morning. We recently compiled a guide to Kyiv establishments with the tastiest breakfasts.

Explore the Kyiv Region: March 8th for Travel Enthusiasts Have you longed to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Gas up your car and head to the picturesque corners abundant in the Kyiv region. Visit parks, forests, or lakes where you can enjoy peace and the beauty of nature.

Our comprehensive guide with a hundred interesting places in the region will come in handy.

Day of Relaxation: Spa Retreat Unfortunately, our bodies bear the brunt of all the stressful situations we experience. So, a visit to one of the spa centers will be the perfect gift for it. Choose a venue that suits your taste (and body) and enjoy relaxation, a pleasant atmosphere, and professional service.

We recently compiled a list of the top seven spa centers in this article.

Love and showcase your body: photo session

Every person is beautiful, gifted, and unique, but many of us underestimate ourselves and are overly critical. Loving and accepting yourself and your body and simply enjoying the process will be facilitated by a photoshoot with a trusted professional photographer.

Plan the details of the photoshoot in advance or come up with an idea just before the session—and immerse yourself in the creative process. In a few days, you'll have great shots.

To make it easier for you to find a location, we've compiled the top 27 most photogenic places for a photoshoot in the capital.

Earlier, we wrote about 7 new bookstores in Kyiv that are definitely worth visiting.

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