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A new restaurant in the center of Kiev "Varadero" invites residents of the capital to taste delicious dishes and feel the warm color of South Palmyra. After all, the restaurant "Varadero" is the "representative office" of Odessa, where his elder brother of the same name is considered one of the best institutions in the city. A pleasant, light atmosphere awaits you, thanks to a combination of moderate
luxury and home comfort.

Varadero has a very good location. And all because there is a restaurant in the center of Kiev. Driving along T. Shevchenko Boulevard, it is hard not to see him. The restaurant goes around a very beautiful light wood terrace. White cotton curtains, playfully developing in the wind, carry away thoughts to the distant shores of the southern seas.

Rich story
The building in which the restaurant settled has a rich and long history. It was built back in 1812. And during this time many owners have already changed. And how many guests visited these walls - simply can not be counted. But still some of the story will be remembered for a long time. One of them was the Cuban blackbeard leader Fidel Castro, who in Soviet Ukraine was hosted by a departmental hotel located in this building at that time.

The restaurant in the center of Kiev “Varadero” occupies 3 floors, each of which has its own design features and unusual details. But there are common features. This is a colonial style, soft comfortable sofas, a lot of light colors and different size photographs on the walls. The elegant interior of the restaurant gently illuminates the flickering fixtures.

There is also a small fireplace room, decorated with various bottles of elite alcohol. Lovers of comfort and leisurely conversations will find refuge in this room, sitting at the fireplace with a glass of a noble drink. Each of the halls can accommodate up to 60 guests. On the second floor of the building there is a terrace with 100 seats. Here you can simultaneously conduct completely different events - from noisy parties to chamber concerts.

 Varadero is a true gourmet paradise. You can talk a lot about the advantages of the menu. These dishes I want to treat only the most dear guests. The art of our chefs is able to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of our customers. Cold and hot snacks, delicious Black Sea flounder, unique steaks and many other goodies. Our restaurant in the very center of Kiev simply attracts true connoisseurs of gastronomic pleasures.

Even an experienced gourmet will be impressed by the menu of the Varadero restaurant. Its creators tried to convey maximum diversity to their guests. The best and most amazing dishes from around the world are included in the restaurant menu.

Separately, I want to note the rich wine list, which contains drinks for every taste.

At the restaurant in the center of Kiev "Varadero" everything is fine - and the kitchen, and the interior, and service. But the most important thing is the soul. You can’t buy it for any money, it is wide and warm, like the Black Sea. Here they sincerely love guests, here they patiently work on the quality of food and service, and the best praise is when guests come back again and again bringing their friends with them.

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Галина Горобець

Затишне місце і дуже смачно
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Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

Nice place, good cusine, moderately priced. Loved the fruit tea there.
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Алла Сомова

Замечательный, дружелюбный и милый персонал. Приятная обстановка, хотя я бы добавила чуть-чуть больше света. Вкуснейшие десерты.
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Алексей Пушкарев

Все добре.
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Олексій Навальний

дуже смачні млинці!!!! кухня просто супер
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Simon Goods

Очень вкусная и разнообразная кухня. Удобное расположение в не шумной части города, но блищко6к центру. Приятный персонал. Стильная обстановка и антураж
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Володимир Негрєшний

Проходячи повз ти не зрозумієш,що то ресторан. Лише вивіска й все, що до ціни та якості якість добра але ціни не всім по кишені. Обслуговування хороше,відмінно.
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Роксана Ящук

Была три раза и каждый раз ела десерты- блинчики с клубникой, тирамису. Все очень вкусно! Удобно сидеть на летнем балконе и даже шум бульвара не вызывает дискомфорта.
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Людмила Наумчук

Много читала отзывов об этом ресторанчике. Стол бронировали с утра и не ошиблись.В 17 часов все было занято и люди,которые просто заходили ,чтобы покушать, оставались ни с чем.По телефону я предупредила, что с нами будет сын на инвалидной коляске. Нам забронировали стол посредине зала,чтобы было удобно расположиться, помогли снять одежду .Меню-понятное,яркое,без лишней информации.Заказали два вида хачапури ,три разных вида люля-кебаб ,овощи-гриль и красное вино.Пока ожидали заказ принесли комплемент от шефа.Я очень люблю грузинскую кухню и могу с уверенностью сказать,что приготовлено было все просто восхитительно!Мои фавориты сегодняшнего ужина-фирменное хачапури от ресторана и люля-кебаб из индюшатины с сыром.Домой мы купили сыр сулугуни в оригинальной упаковке с сургучной печатью. Обслуживание хорошее,персонал улыбается, приветливый,обходительный. Всем рекомендую это заведение!!!@
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Михаил Довженко

Скоротали тут время ожидания поезда. Хорошее место, приятный ненапряжный интерьер. Роллы вкусные, понравились Зеленый дракон, но вот Филадельфия, на мой вкус, не очень. Также нам понравился имбирный лимонад.
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Viktor Chyzhevskyi

Відмінне обслуговування! І кухня і персонал - на висоті.
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Evgeniy Alefirenko

Quite good. The cuisine is a bit on a fusion side, but top notch.
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Igor Fedulov

Came for business lunch. Food was excellent, however took a while to arrive. Budget a solid hour for lunch. Would come again
Information taken from

Ronnie A

The apple strudel and icecream were just great! Nice place and good service. Would definitely recommend.
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