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Eggplant Restaurant - Caucasian cuisine in Kiev

The amazing variety of the Eggplant restaurant menu will introduce you to many shades of Caucasian cuisine, and the taste of our food will easily take you to another country for a while. “Eggplant” is the most iconic recipes from Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. “Eggplant” Kiev provides an excellent opportunity to start acquaintance with the incredible Caucasian cuisine near the metro. And if you are a sophisticated connoisseur, then in our restaurants you will find like-minded people who share your love for amazing ways of preparing food from mountainous countries. The photo gallery will show you not only our interior and ways of serving, but also the dishes that our chefs prepare with love every day. Happy smiles and a good mood are what we work for. The section "Promotions and News" will allow you to always be aware of how and what the "Eggplant" lives.

Menu of the Eggplant Restaurant

Caucasian cuisine is famous for its special approach to cooking meat. Our chefs did their best so that the dishes here are no different from their counterparts from abroad. “Eggplant” brought to a new level the use of spices, which are used in cooking. Our menu presents modern interpretations of traditional recipes, and you can easily verify this by looking at us. In addition to food, we have a wide selection of wines. Sommeliers will help you navigate in many positions. Also, they can, at your request, pick up the wine themselves, which is most suitable for the order. The restaurant has a large selection of dishes from the dough, cold and hot appetizers, salads. The meat cooked on the grill will seduce with its smell and appearance even that person who did not consider himself particularly hungry. Signature drinks and delicious desserts are the perfect ending to your meal.

A cozy restaurant in the center of Kiev

"Eggplant" is located in the heart of the capital. The restaurant near the University metro will allow you to enjoy all the intricacies of Caucasian cuisine at lunchtime, after work, or at any time convenient for you. You can not only relax here, but also hold a business meeting: we offer delicious business lunches at affordable prices. Our Caucasian cuisine restaurant will easily turn a banquet into an unforgettable and satisfying event. Accompanied by themed live music, you can relax with a hookah. We have families and children as comfortable as possible: for small (and not so) fidgets, there is a special playroom. Proximity to the metro and the ability to easily get home are an important nuance that we took into account when we planned to open an institution with Caucasian cuisine. You can also book a table at the Eggplant restaurant without any problems. One call and your favorite place will be waiting for you.

Review 10

Yuriy Goncharenko

Качественно. Добротно. Уютно. Вкусно. Дорого.
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Антон Духовский

Супер место. Еда просто изумительная, интерьер потрясный. Детская аниматор/няня - умница, занимает детвору спокойными играми/разговорами, плетёт косички (девочкам) :) Одозначно рекомендую!
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Tr Tr

Посетили ресторан вместе с друзьями! Заведение комфортное, кухня вкусная, а персонал приветливый! Заказывали шашлык, дорадо (рыба очень вкусная), заказ принесли быстро. Рекомендую!
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Оля Лещик

Вкусно, чисто, красиво Как дома Атмосфера и интерьер классный Обслуживание на высоте! Еда вкуснейшая
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The Spotter

Alright this place got nothing to do with the Mediterranean cuisine as it 85 percent Georgian and 15 percent the local Ukrainian cuisine which is fine! Anyway I give it 5 stars for the interior and seating setup, 5 stars for the food taste and fresh ingredients, 3 stars for the food portion 2 stars level for the value for price based on the portion size and 4 over five for the taste and presentation, very good taste and well presented dishes obviously the chef is using top suppliers and he or she doing a great job in the kitchen. Staff: friendly not very friendly just doing their job with a smile. Menu knowledge: yes they are knowledgable and they give a proper time for menu expectations. Manager: Hardly noticed not even a welcoming smile. So to be fair on the place I give it 7 over 10 equivalent to 3 and half stars over 5 stars. How they can improve: increasing the portion size by 15 percent. Service: more training to the administrator/manager on PR and customer service or probably “how to make your client a loyal client”
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Luda L

Затишне місце. Смачна кава. Великий вибір продуктів.
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Алёна Васенович

Як завжди - смачно!
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Alia Tahir

Great food. Slow service. Very nice staff.
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Gray Jack

The place is an example of designer's art: it is quite nice. Unfortunately a menu as well as wine card is not very rich. 4 stars with the hope the situation will become better.
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Artem Volkhonskyi

Назва збила з пантелику, думав веганський заклад. Гарний інтер'єр, смачні закуски та другі страви з м'яса. Вино досить дороге і дивний вибір. Є дитяча кімната та окремі кімнати для компаній. Обслуговування дуже повільне, все довго чекали, але може це випадково.
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