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Want to feel like a real acrobat? Slaklayn in Kiev X-Park will give such an opportunity
The slackline cable is fixed quite loosely. This allows you to deviate when walking from a straight line. Deviations occur not only due to the sagging of the rope itself under the influence of a person’s gravity, but also in different directions afterwards, when making efforts to walk. It sounds quite simple, but such a walk on a rope requires great skill and balance.

Normal walking on a rope from this has one main difference. So an equilibrist, walking on a rope with a normal tension, holds his axis of gravity directly above him. In this case, it is necessary to constantly adjust the cable with the help of the legs under the axis of your body. This discipline develops the coordination of movement a sense of balance and will allow you to feel like a real acrobat. An acrobat professional can perform various stunts on such a rope.

Review 5

Anton Waschuk

Great place to do extreme sports, both land amd water.
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Ilya Verhman

Good place for a wide variety of a sports activity. From kayak to paint ball. Recommend
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Dennis Mogiley

Overall the place is fine. Only two negative sides are: 1. They have issues with accepting payment by a card for quite some time now 2. Service can be on a slower side
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Quinn Johnson

This place is so cool! For quite inexpensive you can rent a wakeboard and ride around the lake on it with a line controlled by a worker. They have jumps too. You can also rent boats, jetskis, etc.
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If you want to chill or just have fun - you are welcome. Cool place and planning to visit it again)
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