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Jumping Hall is a network of trampoline halls with high-quality sports trampolines, experienced trainers and affordable prices. All our trampolines are equipped with protective tables and mats, which will protect you as much as possible from injury during class.

What for?
1) You can jump just for fun. Trampolining is a very fun, interesting and useful exercise.
2) You can learn a few elements, keep the body in good shape, relieve the brain after hard work.
3) If you are engaged in such sports as snowboarding, freeski, wakeboard, kite, parkour which use elements of aerial acrobatics, the trampoline will be a good base, you will learn to control your body in the air.

To whom?
Everybody. We have little kids and grown-ups jumping too. This is a general strengthening sport, moderate loads, pleasure absolutely for everyone.

How many?
The cost of group (2-6 people) classes with a coach is 200 UAH. (60-90 minutes)
The cost of an individual lesson with a trainer is 400 UAH / hour
Rent a trampoline without a coach - 300 UAH / hour (for companies that want to jump themselves)
(on weekdays, the evening is usually occupied by groups with a trainer)

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Лена Русинова

Попрыгайки) замечательный спорт и альтернатива залу и бегу
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Ганна Шевчук

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ЕЛЕНА Петренко

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Евгения Ковальчук

Если на батут,то исключительно в Jumping Hall!
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Max Gafovskiy

Отличная сеть батутных залов.
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