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The football field at X-Park is a specially equipped large stadium. He has all the necessary infrastructure for a quality game of football. There is a high-quality artificial surface and excellent night lighting, which allows you to stay late. You can play football in Kiev in the park Muromets (former Park "Friendship of Peoples") among beautiful nature in an ecologically clean area.

If you like sports, especially team games, then football will be an excellent idea. So you can have fun with friends in the fresh air in a pleasant friendly atmosphere, full of excitement and adrenaline. Having received a lot of fun from the game and the most outdoor recreation, you will have a lot of positive emotions. This will surely force you back to X-Park again. Renting a football field in Kiev on the territory of X-Park is a great way to actively spend time. If you want something original, then you can play the bumperball - football in balls.

What can X-Park offer in terms of playing football:

Modern playing field with the presence of all the necessary infrastructure;
High quality coating in the form of artificial grass;
Ideal proportions of the field for a comfortable game, the size of which is 45x40 m.
Professional sports lighting, allowing you to play comfortably in the evening. Such effective lighting is provided by 12 powerful floodlights Fillips 400 W, 300 lux.
A good fence allows you to leave the ball on the field and quickly enter it into the game. For fencing used nylon mesh, which prevents the occurrence of injuries after a collision with her player.
The gates have standard dimensions of 2x3 m. They are also equipped with a grid.
Separate changing room with all amenities. There is an individual shower room that allows you to relieve yourself of fatigue, clean up and clean up after an active pastime. Cold and hot water is constantly supplied to the shower under good pressure. In addition, the modern bathroom is equipped with a toilet.
Roomy stands with comfortable seats make it possible to enjoy the competition for your support group and friends. Here you can also watch other teams.
X-Park artificial mini football field - affordable price for everyone
Artificial field for mini football - the price is affordable for everyone. Due to the moderate pricing of our amusement park, all attractions remain as attractive as possible for visitors. Their cost is often lower than the average price in Kiev.

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