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When something really great is created, it ceases to belong to the author, even if the author is a whole nation. today Georgian cuisine is the heritage of the world.
in new york it became cosmopolitan. in London, Georgian hospitality was complemented by British mannerism. Kyiv harmoniously adopted traditional Georgian recipes. but he showed his brightest vision to Tbilisi.
in the courtyards of Tbilisi and among the lively avenues, together with tourists and indigenous Tbilisians formed their own kitchen and there were special institutions - sahinkli. so here are called khinkalni, where you can have lunch, following the rhythm of the city and set your rhythm for dinner in the company of their people. this is a place where traditions have become recipes of Tbilisi cuisine.
today on the radio Tbilisi you can hear all the languages ​​of the world. radio tbilisi in the head of everyone who makes decisions and is responsible. it plays in the hearts of dreamers who change the world. to tune in to the wave of radio tbilisi, just listen to yourself.

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