Peremohy Square, 2, Kyiv

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With kids | Circus

Pendulum of Time (Mad Dreamers)

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Sat 19 Oct 16:00-18:30
With kids | Circus

Halloween circus

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Thu 31 Oct 20:00-22:00
With kids | Circus

Journey Through the Looking Glass

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Thu 19 Dec 10:00-12:00

About the place

The National Circus of Ukraine invites you to the world of wonders and unforgettable experience!
Touch our history, meet with artists, share their experiences in a photo gallery, learn many interesting things from the dictionary, and even find a new professional admiration. By the way, the circus artists aren’t just people, we also call our animals this way and have an equal attitude to them as for members of our circus community.

Everything you see in our performances – an achievement in circus arts, who left for consciousness behind all previous records and even the idea of ​​records.

Past events

Новорічна фантазія

Sat 16 Dec 11:00 - Sun 14 Jan

Kyiv Frescoes

Sun 01 Jul 12:00

Review 5

Pavel Golovachev

An excellent place to relax with children. The circus is not new and inside the old seats. winter is pretty cool so do not advise you to take off your clothes. Or put on something warmer.
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Danny Hallwood

Nice big park in centre of Kyiv. Quite steep in places and steps. There are routes without steps also. A few areas with fountains or simple to sit on benches and view the parks. Great in spring when in bloom!
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Marvellous!! The quality and standards of the circus were very high. Lots and lots of different animals, all well-trained and absolutely adorable. I look forward to a 2nd or maybe even a 3rd visit again soon, they're very good and highly entertaining.
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Yury Zavadsky

Funny post-Soviet circus with good acrobatics.
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Ben Vol

High level performance but the building need some investment in it.
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