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"How to make a movie" - 6 areas of filmmaking

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Sun 25 Oct 12:00-22:00

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PMHUB — a hall with a panoramic terrace and an open roof for events — opens in the center of Kyiv

The new PMHUB Kyiv Event Space is aimed at events for general business, tech, Gaming & Entertainment industries. It will host expert conferences, hackathons, business breakfasts, panel discussions, webinars, and even entertaining tech stand-ups. Besides, the hub will allow guests to come and work for free between events - the location aims to become a free meeting space for the creative people of the city.

PMHUB is located in Kyiv at 5 Ioanna Pavla II St. (formerly Patrisa Lumumby St.) The location is a space with an 850 m2 main hall, a large terrace and a 400 m2 roof with a view of Pechersk. The main hall provides theatrical seating for 400 guests, easily adaptable to the format of any event. The terrace and roof not only allow for convenient zoning of events, but also create a unique atmosphere of comfort and spaciousness in the city center. Together with them, the platform can accommodate up to 1000 people.
Besides, PMHUB is equipped with a 14 x 4.5 m panoramic screen with the ability to broadcast ultra-high-definition video. Professional audio and video equipment were provided by Front Pictures and Lightek. One of the hub’s highlights is the ability to conduct panoramic presentations in the cinema format, as well as the possibility to hold events on the roof.

The project aims to form a community of like-minded people interested in innovation in Ukraine.

“We see how all aspects of our lives are changing now and are trying to keep up. Opening this hub with unique educational content, we aim to start a creative platform in the city center that will become the epicenter for the development of high-tech industries”, said Daria Sema, the manager of this project.

Past events

Performance "Women Wholesale and Retail"

Thu 24 Sep 19:30-21:00

KIFFKinolitopys Grand Opening Party

Sun 04 Oct 19:00-21:00

Black square: Sex will not ruin a friendship

Thu 08 Oct 19:00-22:00

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Надія Северина

Одна из лучших ивент-локаций ever! ????
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Aleksandra Goncharenko

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