st. Tverskaya Dead End, 6/8, Kiev

About the place

“Kiev Dojo” is one of the first clubs in Ukraine, successfully engaged in the development of Aikido from 1989 to the present, thanks to the efforts of our entire team and its leader Vyshensky Oleg Vladimirovich (4 Dan Aikido).

Over the years, the club has turned into a large friendly family. Today, the club trains adults, children and adolescents with different levels, from beginners to black belts. A good atmosphere and a high level of teaching make it possible to enjoy Aikido with pleasure and grow quickly, opening up new horizons for yourself. The club constantly organizes and conducts seminars at various levels, including international, both in Ukraine and abroad, intensive classes, trips to summer camps and other events. Each trainee has the opportunity to participate in workshops of world-class masters.

The Kiev Dojo club develops fundamental aikido (other names - Iwama Ryu, Takemushi aiki, traditional aikido, etc. - were used by the founder of aikido O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba and his student Sensei Morihiro Saito). Currently, Sensei Daniel Tuten is the continuation of this direction of Aikido in Europe. He heads the Fundamental Aikido Association, of which the Kiev Dojo Club is a member.

The club’s curriculum includes compulsory practice with bokken weapons (a traditional wooden sword), jo (a traditional wooden stick) and tanto (a traditional wooden knife), as well as the relationship of technology with and without weapons.

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