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About the place

We are a group of people, who think that art is an influential communicational instrument that can lead to positive changes on larger scale. That art may bring about positive changes in people's behaviour regarding environmental issues, namely the formation of waste management culture among the general public.
Our mission is to use Stop Motion Animation as a communication tool for increasing people’s awareness of the environmental issues, such as waste management problem, across the globe.
Stop Motion Animation - is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen.
All the decorations for the film are made of garbage: sharks from bottles and plastic knives; jungles from bottle caps; woods from toothbrushes; birds from plastic bags and more. The garbage used for the animated films production was collected on the streets and green areas of Kyiv’s district Podil, well-known for its history and artistic significance.

PlastikWood is project aimed to display the danger of waste mismanagement to the world and everyone of us in particular. Through the usage of well-known symbols It satirically outlines what awaits us in the future if we are not to change our behaviour.
We operate on volunteer basis, thus we need support on order to continue our work and to disseminate its outcomes

So, you could be the part of big and important idea, let`s do world cleaner together!
Make art, not garbage

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