15/1 Shovkovychna St., Kyiv

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About the place

Arabic House or House of Sighs belonged to a well-known statesman of the early 20th century, M.Kovalevsky.

This is a large, gray building number 15. It is similar to the medieval castle, but also resembles palaces from the eastern countries, where the locals are called Arabs, so the kyivites also call it "Arabian house". It was built more than hundred years ago by architect Alyoshin, for the family of Mr. Kovalevsky. Once in the courtyard of this house there was a stable, a garden, and even a fountain. It’s interesting that one of the rooms of the Arabian House was equipped as a compartment in a train carriage. They say, it could even swing, giving one a feeling of being on the railway. The architect created this room at the request of the owner of the house, because he met his wife exactly in the train compartment.
So, why it was called "House of Sighs"? Perhaps, this name was given because during the construction, the price was constantly increasing and the owner had to take the loan by loan. This, of course, made him upset and he sighed all the time.
Оn the facade of the castle we see a face of a cat with whiskers. It’s actually the portrait of the architect, putted here for us to remember him.

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