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The new drama theater in Pechersk was created in 2000.

The basis of the theater was the graduation course of the Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television. I.K. Karpenko-Kariy (head of the course of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences M. M. Rushkovsky).

In the student years, this corpse created performances that served as the basis for the repertoire of the future theater.

During the formation of the theater, the People's Artist of the USSR, Cyril Lavrov, helped. The repair was carried out in the theater's premises on the street of Shelkovichnaya, 3. Since 2004, the theater has found its first shelter here. In 2010, the theater moved to a new place on the street Nemirovich-Danchenko, 5, where he continues his work nowadays.

Theater last year turned 15. During these years more than 30 performances were delivered. Performances of the theater took part in festivals in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden.

Past events

Performance "Beautiful"

Tue 11 Dec 19:00-20:30


Thu 23 Jan 19:00-22:40

Premiere! Pepsi generation

Thu 30 Jan 19:00-21:00

Review 1

Svetlana Schwartau

Помещение маленькое и без ремонта. Но хорошая игра актеров все скрашивает. Понравилось.
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