1, Arkhitektora Verbyts'koho St, Kyiv

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About the place

A shopping and entertainment center that combines everything a visitor needs: a 6-room cinema, a children's planet, 40 boutiques, a supermarket, beauty equipment and children's shops, restaurants and cafes.

Past events

A family holiday of fashion and style for all guests of the New Way Shopping Mall

Sat 21 Sep 12:00-17:00

Mystical quest for children on Halloween

Sun 03 Nov 15:00-16:30

Quest for children on Halloween "Monsters in Transylvania"

Sun 03 Nov 13:00-14:30

Review 5

Nastya Boichenko

Big supermarket with a lot of shops with different products. There are 3 floors. On the first floor there are shops with phones, fridges and other technic products, different staff for computers and phones. Here is also situated a big shop of goods "Silpo". On thr second floor you can find shops that sell clothes. On the third floor cinema is situated and other shops.
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Катя Фенюк

Small enough, but comfortable. Not too much famous brends, but you can find Waikiki there, Top Secret, Comfy. The best there is big Silpo for food shopping and cinema with food court near by. You can go there with childrens. They will enjoy kids entertainment.
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Ngozi Arisah

Not so large shopping mall, but have basic shops like silpo(grocery store), clothing shops (lc walkiki, Giulia, others), cosmetic shops and shops for kids. There are restaurants and cinema.
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Hanna Polishchuk

Overall, quite nice! One can find there almost everything. There are many shops, a good supermarket, entertainment area and restaurants. The staff should be a bit nicer.
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Yuri Houk

Didn't feel myself comfy. Everything of first need could be found though. Supermarket, good pizza and some other fastfood, cinema, some popular shops.
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