st. Revutskogo, b6, Kiev

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About the place

Main functions and directions of the institution:

Organization, preparation and holding:

Concerts of masters of arts, creative amateur groups;

Exhibitions of painting, decorative and applied arts, photo works and more;

Lectures of discussions, debates;

Holiday evenings dedicated to state and landmark dates;

Cultural - mass and entertainment events;

Meetings with figures of science, culture, art;

Lectures and consultations on various topics;

Creation of creative workshops for mastering children, teenagers and adults of various arts;

Create interest groups: artists, amateurs, collectors, and more.

"Model Amateur Collective" Studio of Fine and Applied Arts "Palitra", director Klimenko Svetlana (Tuesday, Thursday from 16.00 - 21.00) 300 UAH. month

"Model Amateur Collective" Infanta Studio of Applied Arts, head Lyudmila Vlasenko (Monday, Thursday from 16.00-19.00)

Oriental dance studio "Rakhat Lukum", head of Chernoostrovsk Liliana Nikolaevna (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8.30-10.00, 19.00-20.30) 300 UAH per month

Choreography Circle, Head of Skryabin Natalia (Wednesday, Friday 17.00 - 19.00) 350 UAH. month

Choir of the folk song "Darnytskyi Dawns", the leader of the Cat Alexander Sergeyevich (Tuesday, Thursday from 10.00 - 13.00)

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миша гопкало

Дуже цікаве місце
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Андрій Гургуров

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вовк мау

Хорошая Малевича студия
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Елена Святецкая

Проходят выставки, мастер классы.
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Vitalij Skryabin

Выставки, работа студий, районные и городские мероприятия, работа клубов по интересам.
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Next to Darnytskyi Cultural and Arts Center


Garne cafe

119 m. вулиця Ревуцького, 26, Київ, Украина, 02000

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Quest room

Quest room Pastka "Secrets of Hogwarts"

254 m. 3 Anna Akchmatova str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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408 m. вулиця Михайла Драгоманова, 19, Київ, Украина, 02000

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Fish Shop-Restaurant "flagman" (Glubochitskaya)

425 m. street Drahomanova, 19, Kyiv

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487 m. st. Revutskogo, 33, Kyiv

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This is Pivbar

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Shopping mall

New Way

679 m. 1, Arkhitektora Verbyts'koho St, Kyiv

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Lviv Handmade Chocolate at Verbitsky

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Library named of S.Rudanskiy

684 m. 6 Revuts'koho St, Kyiv

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Quest room

Family Quest в ТРЦ New Way

688 m.

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