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Theater - studio "MIST" (youth interactive modern theater) was created in October, 2005.

MITY is associated primarily with the transition - to another shore, another territory, unknown, unexamined. At the same time, it is a sign of unity - between artists and the public, directors and playwrights, between generations ...

The theater is called "modern" primarily in the European sense - as a theater of modern drama, Ukrainian and foreign. Instead, theaters, having a new drama in their priorities, successfully exist in other countries. Under the "modern" drama, MIST understands not just and not so many plays that depict the present, but, first of all, they produce search engines that are adequate to the breath of time. MIST understands a modern theater, as one who feels pain and joy in his time and his people. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the name is "interactive", that is, one that exists with its audience in an interconnected open communication process ...

MITY creates a live theater that is not afraid of searching and open to a different language of the new public. That is why the theater is also called "youth" and by the age of actors and producers, and orientation towards the public.

In addition, the theater has an open theater studio. The task of the studio is to educate "smart harlequin" - an actor who perfectly owns his body (as a figurative tool), voice and imagination. To do this, we use different techniques and acting trainings - from traditional to newest. But in our studio the pet is not limited only to the study of acting skills. Thanks to the lessons on the basis of the theory and practice of drama, the actors are accustomed to the fact that the literary basis - not obstructed dogma, which can be followed or what you want to break, but a free territory of the living creative process.

Our goal is to introduce the theater to the general cultural process of Ukraine, because today most theaters do not relate to the general-artistic space, but focus on narrow-faced tasks. That is why for us it is very important to support and co-operate with Independent Publishing House "SMOLOSKIP", which has become a literary center for artistic youth of all Ukraine. Theater studio "Mist" is also open to joint projects with artists and artistic organizations of Ukraine and abroad

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театр МІСТ не перекладається як МОСТ, оскільки це абревіатура - молодіжний інтерактивний сучасний театр, отже російською буде МИСТ


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